Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fabian Revisited

Now here's a funny addendum to my Fabian story. I was telling it to a man who came to visit Moaning Cavern, in Vallecito, California, where I used to work in the gift shop. We were chatting and it came out that, as a boy, he lived in East Philadelphia across the street from Dion!
When I told him my Fabian story one of our young cavern guides was listening. With a big grin signifying her associating our tale with her own knowledge Shauna said, "Oh I know who you guys are talking about! That old guy, the model with the hair, who was on the cover of all those romance novels in the 80s! "

Oh my word! She’s sooooo young! She referred to FABIO as that OLD GUY!
: >)


Well! Apparently the mere mention of his name is enough to "Turn Me Loose" to some friends! Rocky sent me the following!



See ya down the road!


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