Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Kittens?

While I was going to begin writing about our travels in the motor home this week, I'm still trying to recover from Spring Break at a tourist destination (Caverns of Sonora in Texas), so the muse has been sleeping for the past week. I'll get to that topic next time. This morning a two word email woke me up and produced a bit of whimsy, I hope everyone will be able to share the vision.

(Necessary background: my #1 son, Lone Duck, is seperated from his step daughters by most of a continent. But he tries to keep in touch. My grandaughters ( I don't believe in steps), Honey and Sweetie, also occasionally remember to write to me. So here's what happened. )

Lone Duck sent Honey an email ending with the tag line, "May your house be filled with happy kittens." Honey sent me an email showing me the tag line and asking the two word question, "happy kittens?"

So thanks to the colaboration of my eldest son and his eldest daughter, I offer the following:

Happy Kittens

He said , "May your home be filled with happy kittens."
You asked, "happy kittens?"

Actually I love it! What a lovely blessing!

Think about it for a minute, you come home from school in a lousy mood, you got a C- on an important test, you ripped your favorite green shirt, you fumbled the ball and lost the game. Whatever, you come in the house and flop down on the couch hating the world.

Then, out of nowhere comes a brilliant orangey gold streak, chasing a dust bunny, he loses control on the polished hardwood floor and slides to a stop in front of the couch. Then he stops as if frozen. This tiny ball of fluff has just spotted dust motes in a single sunbeam cutting through the Venetian blind. He leaps into the air contorting his tiny body into an impossible twist trying to catch the magical being.

Suddenly from the back of the couch a black and white kamikaze hurtles through space to attack his orange brother. Connecting in space they plummet to earth, landing near you on the couch. Except for the colors mingling and twisting beside you, it's hard to tell where Goldie stops and Penguin begins.

As they roll around precariously close to the edge , a tiny white face pokes out from under the pillow on the other of you. Snowflake, peers around your knee to observe the fracas her brothers are creating. Calmly, and with a definite air of superiority she watches their antics knowing, the way sisters do, exactly what is going to happen. Patiently she licks her right paw and smoothes back the fur next to her bright blue eye.

One wrong turn and a mixture of black and orange fur slips off the couch to land in your open back pack. Dazed and confused they examine the contents and after turning around three times settle down for a nap, wrapped in each others fuzzy embrace, in the soft folds of your green jersey on top of your shameful physics test.

With a final swipe at her left ear, Snowflake looks at you, shakes her head and daintily hops off the couch to chase the dust bunny that began the whole thing.

Now don't you just have to feel better?


See ya down the road,


Geezerguy said...

Good one, Yarntangler. I remember scenes like that but with a lot more kittens at a time.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Seems like we had at least a zillion cats at any given time at the Seamount house.

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