Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Missing April & May Blogs

With thanks for the inspiration to Paula Charles, the Family Laureate.

“April showers bring May flowers”,
has something to do with the moon.
But some May flowers take many hours!
In fact, it’s half past June!!!

Yarntangler unfortunately got tangled up pretty well during April and the blog intended for the month never got off the ground. Then we took off for the month of May and discovered the joys of being off the radar so we had little or no Internet connection. We’ve now finally arrived at our newest adventure and just got reconnected this weekend!

Hopefully, the eight or nine of you who are following these Ramblings of mine will be pleased when you discover a few extra installments. I didn’t have the Internet but I did get the tales ready to tell! I even learned how to put a hyperlink into my blog! Wow! Look how far I’ve come!!!!!

…..uh…. Maybe I haven’t come that far after all. I put them all on the blog in reverse order! DUH! Now you know the real reason I'm called YarnTANGLER.

Okay , moving on...
So if you have been with me all along, go over here on the right >>>>> look for “June 5” and find the post called “How to be Reincarnated Before you Die” and read DOWN instead of UP until you come to something from March!

If you have just joined the gang you are soooo welcome. You may read the same way and then scroll to the bottom and read normally. Or you can start at the bottom like everyone else until you finish March and then go to the top and read down.... yeah that's right.

And if you are contemplating doing a blog- remember the writing is a heck of a lot easier than the tech stuff!


(<: oh okay you can laugh. :>)

See ya down the road,


Sage Words said...

Oh! Now I get it!

So, where is this alleged "hyperlink" of which you speak?

By the way, I have new posts on my blog as well! And you're in one of them!

Love ya!

-Sage Words

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I just HAD to laugh, but before you said it was OK........LOL

So glad that Nanaland sent me here...and I will come and visit often.

I do have your book, thanks to Oldnewsie