Sunday, September 16, 2007

Small Towns Charm Us Off the Interstate

Big Jim and I both come from fairly small towns and are always drawn to them. We have been through some that definitely meet the criteria . One town in Arizona, years ago, had a hand made sign that read

Population 4
Until Jody’s Baby
Is Born Next Month”

Some of what we’ve learned about small towns in the past three years is worth sharing with those who have spent their lives in the cities and feel that the Interstate highway system is the best road to travel.

1) The first gas station off the Interstate is more expensive than the one three blocks down on the right.

2) Small towns have big hearts.

3) The smaller the town the more waves you’ll get as you drive by.

4) There’s usually a place to buy propane on the outskirts of town.

5) Stay for coffee after church services. Those folk know where to go next.

6) Old people in parks love to talk to you. Ask them about their secret places and about local legends.

7) If you see several police cars, an ambulance, and a fire truck in front of a restaurant with no emergency lights-go have lunch!

8) Try the dish that sounds the strangest. In Sonora ,Texas ~ Blackened Alligator bites -so good!

9) Pie Town CafĂ©’s Apple Jalapeno pie is fantastic! In Northwest corner of New Mexico.
10) Boiled peanuts? Try ‘em you’ll like ‘em! We had them in Arkansas.

11) Explore the small stores on the town square. Buy jars of local preserves or relish to enjoy later-consumable souvenirs.

12) Shop the oldest store in town and chat with the owner.

13) Staying for a few days? Check the library for local history sites.

14) Read the bulletin boards to spot local festivals and spaghetti feeds.

15) Get out and walk! Smell the roses or the fall leaves.

16) A cute dog on a leash is a great letter of introduction.

17) Miss the grand kids? Sit on a bench on the square, blow some bubbles, and see how many children show up.

18) Search out the city park. You may be able to stay overnight for free.

19) Drop a donation in the jar at the local museum.

20) Remember, God grew up in a small town! Look! His house is right down the street!

See Ya Down The Road,


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