Friday, July 31, 2009

Okay, I Confess, It Was Me

So, when you turned on your computer today how many jokes and games did you find in your in box? How many did you really want to delete? How many came from someone you hold dear and, of course, it says send it back ? How many of you sighed and added yet another silly bit to cyberspace? (I wonder if, in 50 years, people will be worrying about filling up cyberspace with cyberpolution)

I am pretty selective about the stuff I forward. I never send anything political. I do send things that support the troops and veterans, because they are people not statements. I rarely forward warnings because most of what I get, I check with Snopes and find are not worth the effort it took to type them. Sweet stories get forwarded to people I know enjoy them and hopefully I'm not annoying any who don't want them. Really funny jokes are sent only to family members and friends who I know like particular kinds of humor. (I used to have three girlfriends, including an aunt, with very similar senses of humor who sent me somewhat edgy? risque? raunchy? jokes that made the over 65 set laugh. Now I'm down to only one of these gals and I don't get them to pass around as much any more, sorry Rhino Mom, it's up to you now.)

Some of those quizzes and memes that have been showing up lately have been good for a few minutes of play time. Once you've done the thing you wonder what so and so might answer so okay off it goes. But most of the stuff simply elicits an "Oh not, not another one of those!" Then you silently call down computer plagues on the one who started the darned thing in the first place; the Anonymous One who began it all. Have you noticed that there is never any credit given to that individual who was responsible for so much time wasting?

Well, today, that changes. After putting off writing a blog to play two games and take three personality quizzes, I put a new spin on a tired computer game and sent it out to all my blogger friends in my personal email list. I had decided that I was going to try to make the ubiquitous game of Travel Scrabble as it is called lately, work for me. So I added a twist and hit send. Yes. I started a traveling computer game. I'd say "so sue me" but some one probably would! This left me with only about half an hour to come up with a blog for today so here it is.
Yarntangler's Blog Scrabble

So, I've been getting these word games forever and none have ever come back to me with my own entry on it. (which is good) But I got to thinking that if I'm going to join in the fun I'd like to see some return that would also be fun. So I decided to start my own game with a new wrinkle. If you have a blog why not use that in your entry? By doing that you will be inviting new readers everywhere to come and visit your sites. If you don't have one that's okay too. Just add a word, send it out to your friends and then visit the blogs on the list. We all love new readers, especially those who leave a comment.

Note: This is a FIVE letter word game.

Rules: You cannot add letters. You can only change one letter. You can only use English.

Add your entry to the bottom after you hit forward .

Send it back to the person that sent it to you, plus 10 new people. (or everyone you know with a blog)

The best word to begin this is of course

BLOGS Marcie Tucson 7/31/09

Feel free to copy and send this to all of your blogger friends. But be sure they all send me a copy too or what's the point? I really do read every blog I get told about and try to leave comments on them all. I've found some really cool sites by blog hopping and I follow many of them.

Oh, and don't make your word change in the comments send it to me by email .... yarntangler at gmail dot com ....or link to me if you use it as a meme.

(I'll let you know after a week or so if I got joiners or deleters.)

See ya down the road,

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