Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Whole New World!!!

I owe a huge apology to a lovely group of little girls, teenagers, two handsome young men, and some terrific women with great senses of humor I met about three weeks ago.

Jim and I went to Willcox, AZ to do a craft fair at Apple Annie's Orchard. (fantastic apple pancakes and sausage but scrumptious cider too). I sold quite a few of my scarves ,hats and other crocheted items and had a great time. What really made it fun was when I began asking some of the browsers if I could take their pictures "modeling" my wares. Almost everyone (or their parents) gave me permission to take a picture and use it on my blog. I told them to watch for it last week so they could see their pictures. Then I didn't get the blog posted.

When I got home, I discovered that I was about to have my long awaited laser procedures on my eyes. It came about very suddenly and couldn't have been more timely as both eyes were giving me even more trouble after the outdoor weekend in Willcox.

So now after having the right eye (I was legally blind in that one) done on Monday and the left eye done on Thursday, I am on the way to recovering a pretty good amount of my vision! Until I'm completely healed I have some pretty blurry days, but this is so exciting after a year of having it rapidly diminish. Trying to sort everything out on the computer is a bit daunting right now.

As well as trying to figure out when to wear my glasses or my sunglasses over the past week, we also had to move the RV to Buckelew Farms, west of Tucson, to tell stories at their haunted corn maze for the month. So it's been a very hazy time around here for the past two weeks.

But hang in there all you gorgeous model, I'll get that fashion show up in a few days. And I hope you all are enjoying your BFF bracelets because you are all my best friends forever.

See ya down the road,
(that means more than usual this week)

PS There's a new button on my site that I put up before all this happened. Please click on it to help the Literacy Council. Better yet, choose one of the other options when you get there. And give a child a book this Christmas.


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Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak said...

I'm so glad you got your eyes finally done. What a difference that will make. I'm sure the ladies will forgive you for the delay. :-)