Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Happy Mother's Day Message to my Sons

Before the first of you was born, I had only a vague idea of what you would each bring to my life. But after these many years, I understand that you have brought me the best gifts God ever wrapped.


Because of you I have had days of glory.
Because of you some were a different story.


.Because of you I've had days when I nearly burst with pride.
Because of you I have had days when I cried.


Because of you I've always known where the sun rose.
(Because of you, yes, milk has come out of my nose.)


Because of you I learned to be strong.
Because of you I learned to be tender.


Because of you I learned to be frugal.
(Because of you I learned to Google.)


Because of you I learned to be clever
Because of you I have memories to last forever.


You are my pearls rubies, garnets, and emeralds, the jewels in the crown presented to me by your dear father, without whom, of course, I could never have written this blog.

I love you today and everyday.

Your Happy Mother


~loneduck~ said...

We love you too mom.
When my life turns to Picked eggs and I feel like drinking their broth

I always think of you find I can keep going

Love you


Sage Words said...

Because of you, I have my wit.
(I even use it quite a bit!)

Because of you I take the bait
and write a poem (not too great!)

Because of you my voice is strong
and I can use it all day long!

Because of you I'll always be
a man who loves his family

To every Dad, and Sis, and Brother
I tell you now, I love my Mother!

-Sage Words

Yarntangler said...

Awwwwwe! You are making me blush. but that's okay! Love you both.

spiritualastronomer said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog.

What awesome sentiments from your sons.

Anonymous said...

TroutCarolyn, you are such a writer, I only wished I could put my thoughts into words the way you do,,,but I guess we all have our God given gifts, not real sure if I know mine yet. Love your Blogs,,,,keep up the good work....

Anonymous said...

TroutCarolyn,,says that you are such a writer, with so much talent, God gave us all a talent, I just am still searching for mine, I do know it is not keep up the good work, love your blogs