Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Best Excuse Ever For Not Blogging

I’m going to have a baby….


Okay, so most grandma’s to be wouldn’t be able to keep their mouths shut this long but me? Heck! I’m not only going to be an awesome, wise, non- meddling, patient Grandmother; I’m also going to be one who knows when it’s time to step in and say something. I already know this because I’ve been very busy keeping my mouth shut for the past 4 months. I’ve been waiting for a certain son (who’s involved in this startling development) to say something-anything- even just an obscure hint -to his family and friends on line about the addition to the family.(Facebook does not count! Facebook is for random blatherings not thoughtful comments on earth shattering events)

I’ve had all these terrific blog ideas I wanted to use all summer but I didn’t want to usurp his right to ring the bells, blow the whistles, lead the band, and announce to the world that this incredible, long awaited child was on the way.

You wouldn’t believe the number of adorable cartoons I’ve found on line to illustrate the insightful essays I was going to write. I’ve had tons of crochet patterns I was prepared to share as well as tips gleaned from every grand parenting blog I could find to pass along. Then there were all those sage bits of advice from luminaries ranging from Mark Twain to Minnie Mouse to Dolly Parton.

But did I choose to rain on his parade? No! I’m also an awesome, wise, non-meddling patient Mom and until now I’ve kept my mouth shut and fingers occupied with my crochet hooks.

But enough is enough! We have a barely a month to go and so today I am claiming my right as Grandma to SHOUT to the world (or at least that minuscule portion of it that reads my blog) that sometime in October, Jim and I are, at last, going to be able to join all our RV friends at the bragging sessions and whip out the albums of baby pictures, thanks to…

…one of our sons and his wife!

See ya in the baby department,
Grandma Yarntangler


spiritualastronomer said...

So you still can't say WHICH son? LOL!

Yarntangler said...

I promised!

Old Newsie said...

Could you be telling the world there is a SECOND grandson with a wife and that he gibaqumight have an anouncement to make -or am I headded for the doghouse again?

Yarntangler said...

I'm not sure where you are headed, Dad, but For the life of me I can't figure out how you jumped to that conclusion!

Until the son in question gets in gear and blogs about this news No Names shall be used. So you already know what's going on and where. LOL

Sage Words said...

Okay, okay! I will cop to it! Chica and I are adopting a baby in about a month! God has blessed us beyond all reason! However, I have not been blessed with both time and energy at the same time enough to blog about it just yet. It's coming, but for now, facebook will have to do. Sorry!

Now I just need a blog nickname for the little guy! any suggestions?

-Sage Words

FabGrandma said...

I do not know how you managed to stay quiet so long! I only had to wait about month before I could say anything about Amelia coming to be, and it drove me crazy. But yes, it is the new parents to be's bell to ring, and I am so glad you let them. You are gonna be such a FAB grandma!

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