Saturday, February 2, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

December 12,2007

I meant it. Really. Honest, I was looking forward to a taste of winter. Gentle, quiet, sparkling snow covering all of the dreary browns of late fall and early winter. I anticipated making a little snowman, sprinkling birdseed and watching the cardinals leave their fragile tracks in the soft white blanket surrounding the trees and the Winnebago. It was supposed to be so cozy, snuggled here in the RV with a book and a cup of hot cider.

Yeah-right! That 4th season arrived with a drenching rain that quickly turned everything to a quagmire. The accompanying winds drove us out of the pecan grove and onto open ground yesterday morning. Today the Arctic blast has deprived most of the Tulsa area, as well as most of the towns surrounding us, of electricity.

The freezing rain broke several heavy branches laden with an inch or more of ice and they are now covering the ground where we were parked yesterday. No TV since “something” happened to the antenna-again and there’s an inch of ice on the satellite dish.

Walking is treacherous and Clancy is determined to go for a walk any way! Big Jim has to sleep most of the day so he can go in for his overnight shift so he’s no use in the walk department. Hang on Clancy, wait until I finish this blog. On second thought, could you learn to use the litter box? No, huh? All right. Let’s go.

It is freezing out there! I can‘t wait for Spring!

See ya down the road,

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