Sunday, February 3, 2008

On the Road Again

Feb. 2, 2008 - really

Well, between November 1st and December 23 we were in a small campground at the edge of Coffeyville, Kansas. Coffeyville is famous as the place where the Dalton Gang met it’s demise and for the devastating flood that wiped out a huge section of the town earlier this year. While there are signs of recovery everywhere, it is heartbreaking to see street after street of once pretty little houses marked for demolition. Still there is a can do spirit that pervades the area and the people are coping.

Big Jim was working a short-term Workamper job for during their Christmas season. Since we had no Internet connection to distract me, I was supposed to be working on THE BOOK. . Oh, I didn’t stop writing, I just couldn’t prove that to anyone until now! I did get a lot done on our mystery, but being the world’s greatest procrastinator I managed to get distracted anyway.

On the morning of the 23rd, the Weather Channel warned us of another big storm moving into the area. We quickly packed up and hightailed it for Tulsa to spend Christmas with Bev and Jim. A few days later, we headed west and happened upon the most enchanting overnight spot imaginable. The city park in Childress, Texas has a few RV hookups available for only $5.00. Sounded good to us. But when we got there we found several acres of Christmas lights strewn through the trees and surrounding the lake. It was like camping in Fairyland. The next day brought us to Hobbs, New Mexico and my Dad, “Old Newsie” and his sweet Southern Lady, “B” welcomed us.

We had a great time catching up with them and my brother and sister- in- law. Big Jim was in his own personal heaven, able to watch all his favorite DVDs on their huge TV with a couple of very willing viewers. We somehow managed not to put on too much extra weight despite, B’s wonderful cooking. We had our own Hobbs Film Fest, which surely outdid anything Sundance or Cannes can serve up.

Now we are back on the road. So grab a cup of cocoa and spend a few minutes catching up with us once again. You'll find three more posts with this date attached but also including their actual dates.

See ya down the road,

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