Thursday, December 31, 2009

Maybe It Was One of Our Best Years.

I was going to say that 2009 wasn’t one of our better years. It began with major vehicle problems which nearly drained the bank account. We managed to get down to sunny Tucson near Sage Words, son#3 to warm up but then the job we hoped to get didn’t pan out.

Just as we began to rally, Geezer had a heart attack leading to open-heart surgery and that was terrifying. I actually lost him for about a minute but when I screamed at him he recognized the tone and knew he’d darn well better come back to me if he knew what was good for him. Seeing him open his eyes and look at me was the BEST thing that’s happened to me since we met 43 years ago; even tops the wedding.

We were reminded that we have the BEST family when all the kids, their wives, our brothers and sister,
my Dad and Lady B., the nieces and nephews and other relatives we haven’t seen in years began calling, mailing and showing up on Chica and Sage’s doorstep. We even had messages from our children’s in-laws! Then the cards began to arrive from RV friends, old school mates, and former employers. The smiles they brought to Jim’s face were the BEST medicine for both of us. Eventually, he was well enough to get back to home and begin recovery.

Because of his surgery, we were connected with a program which allowed me to have my eyes treated and I can see fairly well again. While I won’t have my vision completely corrected, it has stopped deteriorating for now. Maybe not the BEST outcome but I’ll settle for not going blind!

Sadly, in September, son #1 and his wife decided they were not a match and our Lone Duck was on his own. He’s now here in Tucson, trying to make the BEST of his own heart problems. He has plan
s and dreams that I hope will soon begin to work out for him.

In October we found a job doing exactly what we wanted to do when we set out on our 2nd Life’s journey 5 ½ years ago. We were able to tell stories and entertain children at a Halloween Pumpkin farm. It was one of the two BEST Workamping positions we've found. There we met a co-worker who offered us a space for the winter on her property at the BEST price around, a few dollars and friendship.

(October also brought with it the latest round of mechanical mishaps but it's BEST if I don't bore you with the details.)

After a magical Thanksgiving spent with the family, Dad, and a dear friend from way back, we were surprised by an
early Christmas present. The kids decided we should have a new TV - the same one we’ve been unsuccessfully saving for these past two years. Did I mention we have the BEST kids around?

With that expense taken care of, we decided to do something very unlike us. We spent the money we
’d saved on something we really wanted but absolutely did not need. We bought a Garmin GPSMAp 60cx. The Geez got a fantastic deal on it on “Cyber Monday” and we have been happily tramping around the desert for a month finding Geocaches and getting much needed exercise. We've begun to make new friends with yet another interest in common. We even took two sons out to experience the new sport last week and may have gotten one of them hooked.The BEST fun we’ve had for years.

Chica took me shopping and bought me not only a couple of pairs of new jeans (I had forgotten they make new jeans) but an over the shoulder boulder holder from Victoria’s Secret no less! She told me that although the tag on the TV said "to Mom and Dad" on the tag, we all know who’s TV it really is. So she wanted to give me a present that was just for me! A DIL who knows how to score brownie points with her MIL, that one! (actually the other two are no slouches either) We had the BEST day together.

I've been reflecting on the year gone by and realized there were some pretty good things about it. So Patient Reader, for some insane reason, I, who have not blogged since October, am going to attempt the January NaBloPoMo challenge. I haven’t had a lot of luck getting through these things before for one reason or another. (Wouldn’t you know I’d pick one of the longest months to try it again?)

The theme is BEST. Yep, just BEST. So I decided that although I do not believe in New Year Resolutions, the New Year, with better health and improved sight, might be the BEST time to jump start my writing again. But please help me out by leaving comments when you read whatever I manage to come up with. I need motivation and your thoughts will be the BEST writing prompts I could receive.

Heh heh you could start by telling me what song you think was the very BEST ever done by my favorite group.
Happy New Year !

See ya down the road,


Anonymous said...

As soon as I figure out how to motivate myself, I'll work on you. In the meantime, I enjoyed the update about what you've been doing.

Are you able to knit now?

Yarntangler said...

Well, no I can't knit yet. Of course, I couldn't knit before either but I never stopped crocheting! LOL

Geezerguy said...

Good to see you back,YT. After reading this entry, I have to agree a lot of good things have come from some unexpected directions this year.
Welcome back.

Word of the day: ressida...what you do when the first ssida you did wears off.

Old Newsie said...

'Bout time you started writing again (he should talk you're probably thinking) - but seriously, I understand your problems - eyes, stress, pre-occupance with geocaching. So - we both decided within hours that we shouldn't let 2009 slip away without telling everybody we're still alive. Yep, let's all write fast and furiously and have a Happy New Year.

Jim and Bobbie said...

Come on, Girlfriend, you can do it. You can even tell us what you are having for dinner or something. We just like to hear from you. Bobbie and Jim

Marcia said...

This was the BEST post. I'm glad he is OK and you are writing again. Glad I found your blog.

spiritualastronomer said...

Are you saying I really got you guys hooked on geocaching and now you’re getting your innocent sons hooked as well? Geesh!!!!!! Guess I’d better find a few down here in San Felipe. Favorite Abba song? Waaaay too many!