Friday, January 1, 2010

Thoughts for the New Year (dull huh?)

So I decided to do the NaBloPoMo challenge this month. The suggested theme is BEST there's a lot to work with in that one word so okay, I'll do it. 31 blogs in 31 days. I even threw in last night and got started early.

...uh... It's one thing to tell everyone I really know and all of the friends I have on FaceBook that I'm going to do it but then when I got up this morning and started to write what I had planned out I suddenly realized; "This is New Year's Day!"

Shouldn't I say something profound and inspiring? Shouldn't I remind everyone to put the problems of the past in the past and begin again? Shouldn't I be looking forward to the promise of the year 2010? Shouldn't I show my newer readers just how erudite and pithy I can be?

Nah! I should just be me. Soooooo....

3 Best Reasons I Don’t Make Resolutions

Everyone around me is busy making them for me so why bother making up my own?

Making promises for tomorrow is like an artist sculpting his life’s work out of snow.

Resolving to lose the same 20 pounds for the 5th year in a row is getting boring.

Well, there you go. I hope it was worth the time it took you to read it. If not try again tomorrow, maybe I'll have something pithy or witty or erudite to say then.

See ya down the road,


Anonymous said...

Great start for the new year!! Now just 30 more days to go ... :)

Jim and Bobbie said...

Two postings in a row - you're on a roll!!! Bobbie

Old Newsie said...

You just reminded me - I joined N 2 and didn't get one woth today's datte ready yet tonight but I did today's last night (Baby New Year) posted after midnight this morning and it still says Dec. 31. Quick Lady B, an idea.
Hey Yarntangler, glad you made it today even if it was just something to fill space and be on the roll

Geezerguy said...

I was never very big on pith or erudition. Nice honest start to the new year. The fuzzy animals are a nice touch.

Word of the day: chnixes...small, green creatures with large ears. Usually found in mushroom patches or on the planet chn.

Sage Words said...

I oneth got really pithy, buth my thpouth thaid to thtop ith and thart acthing like a grown-up inthtead of a thilly child!

-Thage Wordth

Jenny Johnson said...

Good Job!! Much more profound than my cabbage and peas - keep up the good work - You keep writin' and I'll keep readin'