Thursday, December 25, 2008

Angels Among Us

Angels have always been a beautiful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Even Santa has a guardian angel as the picture above shows us. His angel protects him in his travels and helps to see that his mission is fulfilled each year. She guides him and lights the way even better than Rudolph can, to share the love which holds us all together.

Geezer and I have been blessed by meeting up with many earth angels over our forty years together. They have come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and vehicles. Thank you to each of you for the joy you have brought us.

In the past fourteen years, we have had visitations by four very special angels who have chosen to remain with us. They have shared both good times and sad, frustrating and absurd. They have given us so much of their love and generous spirits. Let me tell you about my four angels.

>< *><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*

Raven hair, flashing eyes and a smile that lights up rooms; that's what we saw the evening we met Chica. She had just flown in from England carrying her wedding dress and her wings were slightly battered by a strong crosswind. But she was so beautiful and we were so thrilled to meet her.
She and Sage Words were married two days later and the look of wonder and enchantment on my son's face has never left him. Fourteen and a half years later, we still can catch him gazing at her, completely baffled by his good fortune.
The image here represents Chica. It is a traditional Guatemalan Angel that she actually used for favors. I still have mine and it's a cherished memento. Chica and her family not only took Sage Words into their hearts but they have also embraced Geezer and myself and introduced us to their colorful traditions.

We love you Chica. Feliz Navidad!


Titian hair, laughing eyes, and an open heart; Hilly has all of these and together they caught the Lone Duck's interest.
They corresponded by email for a long period. Both were finding their way back from detours life had put in their paths. While a country apart, they fell in love and helped each other to heal. Soon after a romantic meeting, they were able to be together in the same place. Eventually, with the help of two additional angels; Grandfather and Lady B, they eloped.

If any two people deserved a round of good luck it would be Lone Duck and Hilly. If it can go wrong it will for them. Still, they have weathered the storms and have come out into the sunshine.

We love you Hilly , may your home be filled with happy kittens, and here's hoping 2009 beats all the rest.

><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*, a photographer's eye, and a laugh that draws people to her, Buttercup is our third angel. She came into Jugglesorcerer's life just as we had decided he was a confirmed bachelor. When she bumped into him she knocked him for a loop and he's been there every since, loving and laughing with her.
As shown by this lovely angel drawn by Amy Brown, Buttercup is not a typical little housewife. With a flair, she juggles a demanding job, dreams and wishes, allegedly adult children, seven dogs, meddling parents, and a hubby who is a magician, juggler, pirate, and follower of Peter Pan. Together they will never grow old in spirit no matter what the bodies decide to do with them down the road.

Merry Christmas, Buttercup, thank you for loving him and us. we love you too.


Bridey, in her beautiful white gown, her hair caught up in curls, and tiny pearl earrings suggesting her early days, became the last of our Angel Brides in May. She gave Skooba his most precious birthday gift and her mother, Betty, Grandmother, Dora and myself the loveliest of Mother's day presents all at once.. Betty and Dora received a son and grandson while I was blessed with my fourth daughter.

A witty and funny girl with a generous,caring nature she is both a nurse and a wonder worker. She loves her books, her city life,her work, and her computer but most of all she loves our son.

When I began blogging about my family, I nicknamed her Bridey. She has never said one way or another what she thought of that appellation. (I think I would have gotten tired of it pretty quickly, myself). But as much as I enjoyed calling her that, I want her to know she's not just the girl Skooba fell in love with, she's a woman I'm proud to call my daughter. So today I'm going to change her screen name to one I hope she and her parents might like a little better. Now Sweetheart, go out there, take your rightful place in the family and do something funny I can blog about!

Happy Hanukkah, Pearlie.We love you.


On May 11, 1978, God chose to give us our fourth son. I couldn't have been happier being anyone else's mom. Now however, he has chosen to complete our family with the able assistance of those four boys. Thanks Guys for finding my four daughters.

See ya down the road,


~loneduck~ said...

Your welcome YT (yt hummm yeti?? i'll have to think about that) Merry Christmas And may God truly bless us all But may he espesially bless your RV this next year

Jugglesorcerer said...

Buttercup and I wish you all the best. The best holidays, the best travel weather, the best destinations to see, the best times to travel, and the best mechanics along the way.
merry christmas to all and to all a good whatever time it is when you read this.
I'll type at you later, Jugglesorcerer

Jugglesorcerer said...

your heart and admiration always amaze... it is you whom we should be greatful for. Because it is you and the amazing geezer who not only brought these men into the world but saw them through life and raising them into the loving men we have come to adore. thank you mom and thank you dad... merry christmas

Karen said...

I only have one son, and I felt that way about his second wife. She chose to leave him in November and take our grandson, Owen, with her. Try as I might to hate her for that, I can not do it. I still love her, and hope she finds what she thinks was missing in her life. You are truly blessed to have four loving daughters in law.

Sage Words said...

Not a day goes by that I'm not shocked, stunned, and amazed at my good luck! Mi Chica es mi corazon!

I also applaud my brothers for marrying well! Who would have thought all four of us would be able to knock it out of the park like that? (not us, I can tell you that!)

The men in our family seem to have a talent for picking tremendously awesome women! (Our Dad showed us how!)

God bless you and Merry Christmas!

-Sage Words

Chica said...

Thank you and Merry Christmas. You make a pretty awesome mother-in-law too!

Yarntangler said...

I love you all! And I'm blushing but happy. Thanks for the extra effort.

Anonymous said...

As I am sure you know, Yarntangler I have always said my mom is my angel. I want you to know you are my angel as well. Thank you for my hubby and for all the love, support and laughs we have shared.

Merry Christmas everyone