Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Making a List-Wrong!

I just went to Amazon.com - to buy myself a gift. I wanted to find a copy of a movie I’ve loved since I was a little girl. Since Jim is working there for another 13 days this made sense. But doggone it, the self gifting is not going to happen, unfortunately, it’s not available in DVD, only in VHS for $23.99 and we don‘t have a VHS player. Just as well, I suppose. Most people don’t buy themselves Christmas presents anyway.

Wait a minute! I found it at Joe’s Classic Movies! Oh boy! After all these years I finally found my movie. I don’t have to stay up until 3:00 AM to watch it be all chopped up by commercials for …ahem…phone parties! But how come my all time favorite Christmas movie didn’t make the top 10 list, or the top 50 list, or even the top 100 list? I read the criteria for that one. It says :

Criteria: - These are the Greatest Christmas Movies chosen for their acting, direction, storyline, originality, and displaying the emotions and joy and often chaos of the Christmas holiday.

Who makes up these silly lists anyway? They obviously, never asked my opinion.

Come to the Stable was up for seven Academy Awards and a Golden Globe. It starred Loretta Young, Celeste Holm, and Elsa Lanchester and was made from a story by Clare Boothe Luce. What’s more it was about nuns! They made a pretty good thing happen simply by believing there is good in everyone. What more can you ask from a feel good movie?

It was a good film for three female actors back when they were called actresses. Most of the girls in my school loved it when they showed it on TV on The Million Dollar Movie after school. After all, we were in 5th grade at St. Michael, the Archangel School, and we were all going to become nuns because we had crushes on Sr. Denis Mary, and Ingrid Bergman, and Loretta Young!

The movie came out around the same time as The Bells of St Mary’s which was another story about a nun but happened to have Bing Crosby as Father O’Malley, a crooning priest. This was the same priest who sang Barry Fitzgerald to sleep crooning an Irish lullaby in Going My Way.

Oh well, Loretta, Celeste and Elsa are all probably watching perfect, un-cut versions of their movie on their 182 inch Plasma screen hi def TV with heavenly surround sound, this afternoon.
By now, they have probably realized they should have been singing something besides Latin if they wanted to beat Father O'Malley!

But I still think the movie should be on the list. After all, if an elf, a reindeer, a grinch and a grumpy old man, could all make the list, why not three sweet, trusting nuns?

One interesting thing came out of my search. I
did find eleven Christmas movies I’ve never heard of on the top 100 list so I’ll start watching for them at 3:00AM. Another other good thing was that I decided not to be greedy and buy myself a Christmas gift. It just doesn’t feel right.

I wonder if Big Jim would like it?

Okay, how about Christmas trivia question? In what Christmas movie did David Niven suggest he switch roles with Cary Grant after filming had begun?
(Dare I be as trusting as those nuns? Don't look it up on line- make your best guess. Remember guessing?)

See ya down the road,

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Anonymous said...

Thats to far back for me without using the net. I wonder if LD will know? I'll have to ask him tomorrow.

I believe our new cell phones(Free phones with better cell service) will be our christmas gifts to one another this year( we aren't spending any money that isn't already in the budget lol)

Maybe Santa will bring your movie to you this year, I bet he is listening, well ok reading lol..