Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tovah Put it all in Perspective

We were supposed to leave Coffeyville, Kansas and go to Tulsa, Oklahoma on Monday,December 22 to spend Christmas with our friends, Bev and Jim and Margie. We planned to have the motor home checked out and get new tires before leaving Tulsa by January 3rd. Simple plan-right?

Yeah, ri-i-i-i-ght!

First the Jeep got a bad cold on Saturday, December 20th; so cold it totally froze up when the temperature dropped to nine degrees.

Then Geezerguy got a little cold on the Sunday, the 21st.

Then, on Monday, the 22nd, the Jeep Doctor said he was busy for a couple of days.

Then, Wednesday, the 24th, in the morning, the the Jeep got well - well after $419.00 worth of medicine -entailing the surgical implanting of a new radiator.

Then, in the afternoon, Geezerguy got a big cold and a little fever but he hooked up the Jeep to the Winnebago and we started down the road for Tulsa.

Then about five minutes after we left, the motor home got a little bit sick- actually it got a fever too. It got so much fever it overheated.

Then Geezerguy turned around and took us back to where we started in Coffeyville.

Then Geezerguy got a really big cold but it was nothing compared to the pain in his "..." caused by the motor home.

Then Geezerguy went to bed on Christmas eve and slept until 3:30 on Christmas afternoon. Mostly because he was really really sick. But I think he stayed asleep because he could hear his wallet crying from hunger. He didn't want to cause it any more pain by starting any engines on Christmas Day.

Then the Winnebago got better after the Winnebago doctor surgically implanted a new thermostat on the afternoon of Friday, the 26th; medicine only $120.00

Then Geezerguy got a little better and he hooked up the Jeep to the Winnebago and drove to Tulsa on the morning of Saturday, the 27th.

Then, on Sunday, the 28th, we went out for a belated dinner with Bev and Margie. Then Bev drove us all around Tulsa to see the sights. Then I got a little sore throat before we came home.

Then on Monday,the 29th, Geezerguy arranged to take the motor home to the new Winnebago doctor for a routine checkup on Tuesday, the 30th. Geezerguy was beginning to feel better.

Then I got a really really bad cold and went to bed on Monday afternoon.

Then Geezerguy decided to change the Winnebago appointment on Tuesday to Wednesday because I was too sick to get up. Then he made some really delicious pork stew. I slept until 1:00 in the afternoon.

Then on Wednesday, the 31st, we took the Winnebago to the Doctor for it's routine checkup and went for breakfast. When we got back the Doctor said we need new tie rods and assorted thingies that go with them. Some other nice doctor in Dallas is going to send them to Tulsa for us. Then they will surgically implant them next week. All we have to do in return is give them $1400.00! Geezerguy's wallet was really moaning then. Then we decided not to remind the wallet about the tire doctor.

Then I began to feel a little better because I'm sure not going to any doctor!

Then we stayed up to see the New Year in and slept until about 10:00.

Then we had a wonderful corned beef and cabbage dinner that Margie made.

Then we helped Clancy launch her brand new blog called Postcards From Clancy.

Then we started to get ready for bed. Then I remembered I hadn't written my New Years Resolutions blog. So I got up again and came out to do that. That's when I found out it was already January 2nd and I'd missed writing resolutions.

Then I remembered something I read just after I got up on New Year's Day in a featured blog. On her Blog of Note, The Gold Puppy, Reya told us of her little niece's resolution. It seems when asked what she would resolve for 2009, Tovah replied," eat more cake"!

And so to everyone I love, particularly, Rob, Jeff, and Noel, who all have birthdays this week, I say, let's join Tovah this year and eat more cake!

Then, I'll see ya down the road,


spiritualastronomer said...

I think Tovah has something here. Who says resolutions need to be about giving up things? Sure, dieting, exercising more, being nicer to people, and so forth are very admirable New Year's resolutions. But, how about being good to ourselves once in a while by eating more cake? Sounds good to me. You and Geezer deserve some extended "nice to yourselves time" after all the vehicle and health problems in Kansas. So, what'll it be? Chocolate, lemon, coconut . . .? Enjoy.

Christine said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Yup, I would say that after all that holiday fun that you and your Geezerguy had over the holidays, you both deserve some cake.

hilly said...

I know exactly what to get you for your birthday( if LD and I had the money we would to) One year free Mechanic service!!! Here's to the best adventures yet!