Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to the Family

Today was touching! I watched all day as a handsome young man became the 44th President.

My impression, as he awaited the calling of his name before the swearing in, was of a normally smiling man trying to accept the fact that we had asked him to lead us into a new era. He wore such a serious expression as he composed himself for an entrance unlike any he's ever made. He knew that when he exited that stage his life would be changed forever.

He stepped through the door and there it was - the confident smile we have come to expect.

I laughed for both him and his wife (while they managed not to crack up) when the most important 35 words he would ever say were misspoken by the Justice administering his oath of office. Like the totally absurd thing that happens at the most meticulously planned wedding, it will be a source of reality for him -useful as he goes down the road

I'm sure that tiny incident put the day in perspective for him. The day might be life altering but hopefully he can keep a sense of humor at the ready. The next several years are going to need all the lighter moments he can get!

He ran to his friend's side when the senator became ill and graciously prefaced his remarks with his concern at the luncheon.

He walked despite the real threat to his security. He walked, and grinned, and waved to those people who waited not just hours but decades to see him take that walk.

He stayed right there and watched every one of those proud high school kids march past him so they would understand they were important to him. He knew he would be late for the balls but so what? Those kids washed cars and sold candy and roses and did every sort of fund raising so they could be a part of his day - our day. He honored them by seeing them all, waving, even dancing to the
ir music.

I enjoyed watching him check frequently to ensure that his wife and their children were comfortable and able to see what was happening. I smiled when he became concerned that his wife's feet might be hurting, knowing she had several hours to go. I smiled even more when she apparently told him not to worry about it. Her feet will not be allowed to be an issue until tomorrow!

From all I've seen and heard Barack Obama is a good husband and daddy. He cares about the ordinary things. I think he's going to
take those qualities to work with him too. He cares.

God Bless you, President Obama.
See ya down the road - please wave.


Old Newsie said...

Well done, Yarntangler. I think this new leader will be all he has said he will be, as he hurdles the obstacles ahead of him

Geezerguy said...

It is nice to know that there's a human being in the White House again. It's had a corporate feel for too long. I'm with you, YT, and wish him all the best.

hilly said...

I shared the day with my mom as we watched our new president take his oath of office. I couldn't agree with you more YT. It was a wonderful day.


Sage Words said...

The last time I took my oath of enlistment, the Captain administering the oath told me to obey "the orders of the President of the United States" but forgot to add the part that said "and the officers appointed over me."! So for the past couple of years, I've kidded him that I don't work for him, but for the President alone!

So now I guess I need to call him and remind him that I have a new boss!

I'm kind of glad about that.

-Sage Words