Saturday, January 17, 2009

He's My Dad!

Hey everybody ! He did it! My Dad finally got a blog started! I know it's going to be terrific because he has some wonderful stories to tell. As a professional journalist for 50+ years he also knows how to tell them.

Okay, so he has a few glitchy moments but that could be because he's having some vision problems that tend to get in the way of his learning to use a computer in this manner. Then there are the new words he is not finding in his dictionary (circa 1947); BLOG for instance!

So please do me a favor and take a cyber trip on over and see what he comes up with for a few posts. And leave him a comment-please! You'll get a kick out of Newsie's Lucid Moments.

See ya down the road (soon),

1 comment:

~loneduck~ said...

been there done that but cant leave comment due to the comment format he has selected it dont work same as yours last week>

please show him this comment as i cant


well Newsie if your bloggs are anything like actually being with you then they will be interesting and informative and totally awesome. welcome to the club and remember Yarntangler makes interesting goofs on her blog to ( ask her about the whole clancy's first blogg fiasco) LOLOL