Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Loose Ties

Well, in case you didn't notice, my February blog was tied with a slip knot. In fact, I just realized I never even formally entered the Blog Roll. That was a wise decision since we had so much going on last week.

We spent a week traipsing all over Tucson at the many locations of the Gem Shows, spending many thousands of dollars (not ours) on merchandise for the six gift shops my #3 son and #2 daughter-in-law (DIL2) furnish in California.

During the eight days, the entire family got into the act. The Geezer and I have worked with Buttercup and Commodore doing some of this before in California. We had an idea what to look for and were able to compare prices and spot newer items as we wandered. Then we could point the two who were actually working to those tables.

Chica, Sage Words, and Lone Duck were all new to it and their excitement and awe at the millions of pounds of crystals, onyx, malachite,coral, and other specimens helped to re-enthuse those of us who have worked with the merchandise for years.

Buttercup, of course, made all the decisions, but she enjoyed hearing all the "Wow! Oh my God! Look at that! Holy Moly! and O Man, You gotta see this!"

After all, if the family can get that excited so can her customers.

I managed to keep my personal expenditure under $50.00, mostly because the girls kept buying me presents. Chica spent a little bit more but managed to get ALL of her Christmas shopping for her mostly female family, finished by February 5th! Both of us had a blast, however, accompanying Buttercup and helping her spend her five figure gift shop budget. Its a pretty heady feeling spending someone else's money, believe me!

Walking on gravel much of the time took a toll on everyone's feet, Chica's back, and my hip. Schlepping hundreds of pounds of rocks and minerals from venue to truck or car pretty much eliminated Lone Duck's need for a gym and reminded him that 40 really can feel OLD! Less than optimum fair food did a job on The Commodore's fussy stomach. Then he got so ill with some type of apparently contagious bug going around, the airline would not allow him to fly home and he had to be treated for a couple more days.

Buttercup and Commodore were both working from 8 AM to 6PM or later and then spending more time entering the day's purchases in their spreadsheet during the evening. Still, we all managed to have a great time visiting with family some of us have not seen in two years or more. My thanks to Chica and Sage who, once again, moved over and let us all crowd into their home for several days.

(Thanks to Carl Brenders for this wonderful family picture entitled Den Mother)

The West Coast Cumberlands were finally able to fly home this morning and I really miss them already. But at least we know we'll...

See them down the road,


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Old Newsie said...

You had a great time in Tucson it seems and got a batch of photos too. That big geode in one of them I remember - it shows up all the time I guess, Have seen it at Quartzite each year we were there and then at Tucson when we backtracked one day from the PowWow