Monday, February 1, 2010

TIES? I Don't Believe It!

I was not going to do this NaBloPoMo. Absolutely not going to because I have way too much to do this month getting ready to leave for Utah in March. So I had a private celebration while we were at the restaurant last night and toasted myself for having made it through January with (are you ready for this?) a prickly pair margarita!

We went to a Tucson steak house called Pinnacle Peak. All but Commodore and Buttercup had been there before, so we knew what to expect. The Commodore, however, was clueless as usual, when I presented all the men with the ugliest ties the thrift shop had to offer -that suited their personalities' and insisted they wear them despite the shirts they had on.

He's in the red plaid shirt asking "Why?".

Once we had ordered and were happily catching up on things we were rudely interrupted by loud bells and horns and a guy with a huge pair of sheers!

Our magician saw his elephants disappear before his very eyes!

The biggest football fan in the house lost all the balls on his tie.

LoneDuck actually had only a lone mallard remaining on his tie when the butcher was finished!

And The Geezer was busy protecting that 12 inch beard! Hack off the ugly sunflowers but leave the beard alone! The next time we go there we'll see if we can find the ties amidst the thousands on the walls.

I took all these pictures and then we came home so I could use our old time portrait for my last blog of the month.

That's when I discovered the theme for February was TIES! What is this. some kind of great cosmic joke??????????

See ya down the road-tomorrow,

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spiritualastronomer said...

Looks like it was so much fun! There's a Pinnacle Peak restaurant in Santee (San Diego County) with ties all over the walls.