Sunday, January 31, 2010

Celebrating 31 Blogs in 31 Days

So here we are, 31 days later. I did it!! Tonight we all went to Pinnacle Peak to celebrate; steaks all around. Oh all right, we didn't go to celebrate my brilliant accomplishment. We went to celebrate the Geezer's birthday, and #3's promotion with as many of the family as we could gather round. (Wasn't hard to do,we are all sleeping under one roof this weekend.)

Then on the spur of the moment we decided to create a birthday card to share with everyone. So, as I said, here we are.

From left to right front row ~ The Madam, played by Yarntangler The Prospector, played by Lone Duck

2nd row ~ The Union Officer played by Sage Words The Undertaker played by Geezerguy The Gambler played by The Commodore.

3rd row ~ Sassy Spice played by Chica and Savvy Spice Buttercup

And that my friends is how we end 31 in 31.

See ya down the road,
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spiritualastronomer said...

What a wonderful picture!!!