Friday, June 12, 2009


My Internet connection has been sporadic all day. So this will be short in hopes it will actually get posted on time. If it gets published before I go to bed I'm going to count it!
All but of two of the people I thought would respond to my Wacky Word Challenge did so. One of those thought he would do his own thing. Not the smartest thing he's done lately. That means this weeks Good Sons awards go to California and Washington.

Without further ado, here are my definitions of yesterday's proposed new words.

Aggly.....Choral group whose songs run the gamut from Old MacDonald to Tim MaGraw's Down on the farm

Braxessi .....Voyager fans who really thought Neelix should get his own show once he met up with Brax and Dexa and discovered fellow Talaxians in "Homestead".

Catic.... people who are domintated by their felines to the point buying them special furniture or even of having an entire room given over to them. (Dogtic people never go that far!)

Deted...Sworn off tea for a while due to plumbing issues.

E-pokyi.... Internet version of the Hokey Pokey

Furbus....Conveyence used to transport stray minks,sables,chincillas and rabbits back into the wild.

Gusalima...Hybrid non-greasy ganders bred in Peru for the American meat market.

Imandeep.... Super model's book of profound thoughts and advice.

.... What the VP is doing when asked a question by reporters.

....Moisture noticeable in the eys of a male, often accompanied by a snuffling sound when viewing Sleepless in Seattle. Usually attributed to something in the eye.

.... Grandiloquent, pompous writing, comprised of prolixity and garrulousness to disguise the fact that the blogger has a paucity of ideas and therefore nothing to say.

Loweble .... expression used to indicate "I have no idea".

MaDoom .... Female parental unit who confronts her male offspring who have cleverly soaked and shot an entire box of tampons onto the bathroom ceiling where they cling precariously with strings hanging perpendicular to the ceiling.

That was the first half of the alphabet. We'll try this again once I've collected the other half.

Yep, it's late!

See ya down the road,

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Geezerguy said...

Worth waiting for until after midnight. Looking forward to the net set.
Here's a verifier for this comment:
Ortiste...A person who rows a boat (uses oars)artistically.