Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Passing the Blog

This has been a long and stressful week. Jim/Geezerguy has had so many procedures done, culminating in his triple by-pass on Sunday, that we've lost count but today he's feeling pretty good. They have him up in a chair and his sons, Sage and Skooba are with him right now encouraging him to take baby steps down the hallway and eat a little of his lunch.

I stayed home to wash some clothes. 7 days on a hospital cot are 7 days too many. Jim made me come home to sleep last night and the night before even though I was prepared to do battle with the nurses in ICU who said I couldn't stay. I have to admit, I feel better and this morning I've been able to deal with a few things that needed doing.

You'll have noticed that in spite of Red Skelton's advice I haven't been able to keep up with the months challenge but that's not important. My hero is going to be well and come home in a few days and that's all that counts.

Clancy has been pretty well discombobulated by all of this too. I'm going to sneak out of this blog and take a nap while you go see what her take is on all this. Click here

See ya down the road,


Tangled Noodle said...

Clancy's post was sweet - I think Jim/Geezerguy is going to find one heck of a welcoming committee in that your little gourmet wiener dog!

Best wishes on Jim's recuperation and to you and your family! It sounds like a rough past week for you and your family but hopefully all will be better soon.

Karen said...

I am so glad your honey is going to be ok.