Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So Much For That bright Idea

About an hour and fifteen minutes after I went to bed, I finally learned what labor pains truly were.

At 12:30, Mom tapped on my door and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I could hear you from my room" Sounds like this is the real thing."

"I hope so 'cause if it's not, I'm not going through with it.!" She got out a simple maternity dress and the rest of my things and laid them on the end of the bed for me. Then went down to tell Jim and Dad it was time to go.

She never did tell me which one said it and neither will own up to it ,but the response was,
"Can she wait about 10 minutes? The movie's almost over."

All I know was I heard my Mom chewing them out so vehemently I rushed through getting dressed just so I could get downstairs to see what on earth was going on.

We Got to the old W.B. Plunkett Hospital ,up on the hill, a few minutes later to find a whole bevy of nurses there waiting for us. We didn't know that they had been thrilled to hear we were coming since they had not had a baby there in almost 6 months. In fact, our child was one of the last three babies born there. The other two, a pair of twins one of whom had actually been delivered by his 9 year old brother in the back of a pick up arrived about 20 minutes after we got to the maternity room.

Geezer's parents and younger brother arrived and everyone took their places in the waiting room at about 1:30 AM. And they waited, and they waited ,and they waited. (shall I skip the other seven repeats that symbolize one hour of waiting each?)

Finally at 11:31 AM, as they were beginning to prep me for Cesarean Section, the first Cumberland heir presented himself to his adoring people. He was cooed and cuddled, patted and petted, held and honored by everyone -except me!

It seems, the doctor, fearing that I was getting into distress around 9 AM had given me a shot of Darvon to relax me. Now I'm the type that goes into a deep sleep if i take a Tylenol. So all I remember was opening my eyes and looking at the ceiling. I remember thinking, "When did they put the pipes on the ceiling of this room?"

Then I turned my head and found Jim with his head on my pillow smiling the most wonderful smile. "We have a son", he whispered, "a beautiful baby boy. Thank you, Honey".

I kissed him and then turned and faced the wall for a moment, I couldn't help smirking and feeling smug for once. Jim and Mom- who was never wrong about anything, and Mom2 had all sworn my baby was going to be a girl. As I told you all weeks ago, when I found the first edition of The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters, I knew my child would be a boy. A few minutes later, but seven hours after he came into the world ,the nurse introduced me to James, Charles Cumberland, my Jamie, and your Lone Duck.

It was June 16th. He'd decided to pick his very own day and not have to share it with anyone. That worked for 30years Then Lady B. who together with Old Newsie celebrated their anniversary on the 15th, came along. Guess when her birthday is?**************************************************************************************

Yesterday was supposed to be a very memorable 40th birthday for LD. It was but not for the reasons we'd hoped. You'll note I missed posting this for his birthday as had been the plan for weeks. Please forgive me and wish him well anyway.
And while you are doing that, please add my Jim, Geezerguy to your prayers. He has suffered a heart attack, not a great big one but one that showed us he needed aggressive treatment. he'll be having open heart ,triple bypass surgery on Monday, here in Tucson.

I don't expect to be online much in the next few days so I'll get in here with an update or ask someone to do it for me when we can.

Thanks for your prayers.

Yarntangler and Geezerguy and all the assorted nom de plumes

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hilly said...

I cried as if I had been there. Thank you and Geezerguy for bringing Loneduck into the world. He is my strength and my world.

I have witnessed love, strength and complete support as the Cumberland crew pull together to help mom, dad(Yarntanger and Geezerguy)and each other get through this ordeal.

I am honored and proud to be part of the family.

Geezer, we love you so much. We may not be able to be there in person but we are with you every step of the way in spirit.

love and prayers
Hilly and Loneduck