Monday, June 29, 2009

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I've Got Blogs in My Tummy!

I've been waiting for Skooba to get back from the shop with his car so we can head out to the hospital. Maybe today we'll bring home the prize-Jim.

In the meantime, I've been drooling through pages of recipes making a list of things high in protein and calories (absolutely the opposite of what I normally search for) in order to put some weight on my skinny Geezerguy -on Doctor's orders. Then after a few weeks we have to transition into a heart healthy lifestyle.

I've got quite a list going. But Skooba will be here soon so I wanted to share a few things I found with all of you. Since a few of my friends live alone or often prepare meals for just the pilot and copilot of an RV you'll like these.A couple of these will also satisfy the pot luck and the thrifty crowd too.

More importantly, I think you'll enjoy the blogs where I found each of them. They are pretty flavorful in themselves-pun intended. So in no particular order please go try these yummy blogs on for size!

Tangled Noodle Yummy Gelatin

My favorite is Tangled Noodle but Girl, I'm way too lazy to make the treat I'm highlighting here! Even though Jim will be consuming quantities of Jello in his next few weeks- this won't be one of the ways-unless you want to come to Tucson
(Hmm... I wonder if you pried the magnets out of those ubiquitous fridge letters if you could use them for molds?)

Cafe Munchkin Teeny Tiny Turon

Yummy banana spring rolls- really easy -would be great for a pot luck. I think there could be a danger here in actually getting the whole batch to the church supper!

Endless Summer Eggs in Tomato Sauce

This one is a shout out to Jaimie and George - an RVrs perfect supper after a long day on the Alaskan highway . I know it is one I actually printed out for the inside of my cupboard door! Use low Sodium sauce, of course, but find a bakery and buy a regional bread.

Ali's Cleaner Plate Club Cheddar Bread Pudding

The perfect comfort food and a great, affordable, pot luck newcomer.
I have been looking for a savory bread pudding like this for ages. Easily modifiable too.

The Geeze and I eat a pretty healthy diet, normally, but we haven't had a health crisis in years, so we've gotten a bit complacent. Now, I'm hoping that any of you who happen to know of good blogs where real people feature simple, affordable menus for both cardiac patients and diabetics will comment here and point me to your favorites. I can find all the ones from the Heart Foundation and the Diabetes sites but what I want is what others like us have enjoyed.

See ya down the road,


Tangled Noodle said...

[LOL!] Thanks for the link! I've always wanted to go to Tucson and making a Jell-O treat seems like a small price to pay. 8-) I never thought about those magnets or even kids' plastic letters! The cutters that sell at the store were ridiculously expensive but it was a bit torturous cutting them out by hand. Ah, the things we do for some yummy gelatin . . . !

spiritualastronomer said...

The cheddar bread pudding sounds delicious - kind of different from the sweet kind I absolutely love. Must try it.

P.S. my word verification was "putgrin" - I like that.

Karen said...

My favorite cookbook of all time is called "Eat Smart For A Healthy Heart". It has some great recipes, with beautiful pictures of the food.

Old Newsie said...

Just caught up with this blog. I see by the clock it's spper time. Hey, Lady B, here's soome recipies, time for feeding . Nice pix Tangled Noodle - I don't know how to put mine on a comment.