Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time For a Change

When I was a little girl I shared a room with Scrabblebuff. I always wanted a lavender bedroom, but she wanted pink. She got it. (I did have a lavender room later on but that is a different day's blog.)

When I was in 7th grade, I got my first pair of glasses ~butterfly shaped of course. I wanted to get a silvery colored frame but Scrabblebuff showed Mom a pair that were less expensive. Pink!

When I was getting married, I found a lovely linen sheath with embroidered flowers rising from the hem to the knees. I knew my four bridesmaids would all like the simple and flattering style, despite the fact they ranged in age from 15-21 and were of various heights and weights. They all did except She -Who- Must- Not- Be- Named. As the Maid of Honor, Mom said she should be allowed to help pick it out. My college aged friends groaned when they saw the typical bridesmaid dress with all the chiffon and fluff that she picked. I did put my foot down when she picked her favorite color and decided to at least let the girls choose their own colors and become my rainbow girls.

This picture is not of my wedding but it's close enough to give you the idea.

(When it was my turn to be her matron of honor years later I got no choice and wore a handmade brown patchwork skirted dress. It wasn't too bad for the time but I do have my cousin's blue one in my costume box if I ever lose enough weight to squeeze into it.)

Since that day almost 41 years ago, I have never owned a pink dress, a pink nightgown, a pink blanket, or a pink phone. I do have 2 pink T-shirts but only because they were what I had to wear to work last summer.

So you can guess why I have hated the look of my ultra pink blog ever since I set it up a couple of years ago. At the time it was the only thing that looked sort of feminine. Today I spent a good portion of the day searching for a new blog template-free of course and found three I really liked.

What you see here is not one of them. Techno-peasant that I am, I can't manage to figure out how to get them from the template place to my blog. I managed to get something downloaded but then I got stuck. All I get is error messages. I have given up for today but don't be surprised when the looks of this writer's blog continue to change.

Hey! At least I got a cool picture of an idyllic road I might someday travel at the top.

If you can tell me how to change the whole thing (I really want 3 columns) you'd become my hero for today!

On a side note: for any of you younger readers here's a fun party idea I found while looking for a picture similar to my bridesmaid dresses. On second thought, this would be a blast for us gals who are out of the Bridesmaid category. Thrift shops carry hundreds of such outfits! The boys could wear blue, purple or even pink tuxes! This could be a great fundraiser!

See ya down the road,

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Geezerguy said...

Well, I tried, but I guess I won't get the "Hero" badge for this one. Hope you find a good Geek.