Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wacky Word Wednesday

As I was leaving a comment on a friend's blog last night, I spotted, once again , a word that would be a great Scrabble word- patacque. Heck, that's 21 points right there without even having to land on a double word square(42). If you managed to get the Q onto a double letter and also hit the double word square you would get 62! Then you have to factor in the fact that it is a seven letter word. So add 50 to the score before you double it and that would make it 162! A triple would get you ...

There is only one problem. Patacque is not a legal word. It is one of those verifiers you need to type into a little box before you can leave an intelligent statement like "Way to go." or "Great recipe!" on someone's blog. These sure look like words and I'll bet everyone of you has told at least one person what the wacky word on their comment field was.

So I got to thinking, which I admit can be a very convoluted process. What if we were to take some of these computer generated "words" and assign them meanings? After all, the Language of America, once known as English, is constantly evolving. We blatantly steal things like taco and babushka and add them to the dictionary. Suddenly, words I had two points deducted from my compositions for misspelling like lite and site are in that same book. Remember being told by your mother "Ain't ain't in the dictionary."? Well, it is now.

Some of the changes are actually rather lamentable. Once perfectly respectable words have now taken on completely new meanings and singing old songs can be considered politically incorrect. So if the adolescent generations, the computer geeks, and Madison Ave.copy writers can all make up new words why can't a handful of intrepid bloggers?

I'd like to list a baker's dozen Wacky Words gleaned, last night, from the comment sections of your blogs, Dear Readers. You assign definitions to them and post them on your blog or in my comment section (after typing in the verifier, of course). If you get a kick out of this sort of thing, then pass it along to six of your readers and see what we can all come up with. I'm sending this out to all of you but I'm making a three biscuit bet with Clancy as to which 6 of you will respond.

Here is my list. I'll post my definitions for these "words" tomorrow. It will be fun to see if any of us come up with the same ideas.






But I can't sign off without giving at least a couple of examples, can I? Here are a few that just screamed meanings at me and one that needed no definition at all.

Prommate - a term for your BFF who went with you because neither of you had dates.

Sickisms - completely tasteless jokes about illness, hospitals, patients etc.

Flickites - disciples of the Great and Glorious Imax

Teree - who to put after Teri, Terri, Terry and before Terrell in my cell phone

Redgew - what ends up in your hand when your four year old gives you his cherry popsicle

And the one that needs no definition? This came from the comment page on
Tails From the Furside . The only Blog that I am directly challenging with this meme. I kid you not.

Hillymomma !!!!!!!

See ya down the road,

P.S. Ha! you thought I'd forget about Patacque, didn't you. Well, I didn't. Although I can't use it in Scrabble because it is a proper noun,
Patacque turns out to be a town in Illinois!


spiritualastronomer said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun with this one!

Here's the verifier I got: luressal

Geezerguy said...

OK. Here's my stab at it. No including the one I have to type to get this on here(each definition is followed by a sentence using the word):

Aggly…A contraction of “Agriculturally”, meaning something pertaining to farming. (He was aggly inclined like his father and grandfather before him.)

Braxessi…From the fictitious word “Braxessional”, meaning a place in which to clean your Brax Hatchet. Braxessi is the actual organic matter that must be cleaned from the blade after you’ve slain a Brax. (As he continued the hunt, Morglanthis found it more and more difficult to keep his blade free of braxessi.)

Catic…Pertaining to felines. (Licking one’s paws and hacking up fur balls are strictly catic activities.)

Deted…Having restored something that was previously removed. (John deleted the reference, but Angus, in a fit of pique, deted it.)

Epokyi…An advanced and far superior adhesive formulation. (When the epoxy failed to hold the pieces together, Bartholomew applied the epokyi without hesitation.)

Furbus…A long range public transportation vehicle. (While the Metro transit was fine for every day use, Penelope found it necessary to board the furbus for her trip to Bayonne.)

Gusalima…An alternative fuel processed from lima beans, and yielding an average 77 miles per gallon in a motor home. (I’ve converted my Winnebago from gasoline to gusalima, and I’d never go back.)

Hecry…While originally used as an antonym for “shecry”, the word has now evolved to mean anything that would aggravate or confuse a male intellectual. (The student felt great satisfaction bringing up a hecry in the class discussion, much to the befuddlement of his professor.)

Imandeep…Adjective describing someone in a great deal of trouble; it evolved from a contracted phrase that was misspelled in its first incarnation. (The boy knew when he saw the teacher’s face that he was imandeep.)

Jogesing…A person who runs for exercise with a set of headphones, singing along with his or her ipod. (The jogesing is particularly annoying this morning.)

Knolog…A list of things that are known. (If I don’t remember what I found out about that, I’ll consult my knolog.

Loweble…The opposite of a Higheble. (Ugh! That loweble is disgusting.)

Madoom…An old west term for one’s ultimate destiny. (Ahm goin’ to meet madoom.)


hilly said...

LOL this was quite the challenge..

I have a link posted on my regular blogger site that will take you to my new website/blog. If you have any problem getting to it let me know

Old Newsie said...

I see