Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Here We Go Again!

We have been happily boondocking just west of Tucson, Arizona since the first week of February. What's boondocking? That's living in an RV (or tent, or van) without hookups such as electricity, water, or sewer for a period of time. Many RVrs are set up to do it for weeks or even months at a time. They use solar and/or wind power, conserve water to a great degree and live simply. Jim and I would love to be able to join their ranks but for the time being we still use our generator for a couple hours a day.

Yesterday, we reluctantly pulled up stakes and moved into a small(make that miniscule) RV park in the middle of Tucson. Play time is over and Jim is hunting for a part time job that will take us through the fall. We want to stay here to spend some quality time with Sage Words and Chica until our next scheduled adventure begins.

We decided to find a spot before the really hot weather arrives so we'll be able to use our fans and Air conditioner if needed. We also wanted Internet access since we've been essentially off line for about three months. Knowing this was about to happen we signed up for the April NaBloPoMo 30 day blog challenge. Get back in gear and make things happen- that was the idea.

The NaBloPoMo theme for the month is Growing (UP) .It is not a requirement to stick to the theme (which is very good for me) but it's a jumping off point.

Growing up~ what does that mean? Getting a job? Getting married? Getting older? Raising a family? Making a journey throughout life? Choosing your own adventures? Learning who you are? Knowing who you are not? Doing the best you can? Sharing what you have?

All of these things are a part of growing up and I think I'd like to explore each of these and more this month. Maybe it's time I show my readers a more serious side of me so they will understand that I don't always live in the past and depend upon nostalgia and wit to get me by.

And I shall call upon the greatest and most profound thinkers of the present and past to help me explore all the facets of Growing Up. My own personal challenge will be to present to you, Gentle Reader, the wisdom of others. Each day you'll find a quote at the end of my blog. Perhaps you'll think about what it means to you and comment upon it.

Yes, that's just what I'll do to show my self discipline and maturity, I'll only write about imortant topics. Just wait, soon you'll see just how intelligent. intellectual and profound I can be. In other words, I'll be grown up!

Quote of the day:

" When I am grown to man's estate I shall be proud and great. And tell the other girls and boys not to meddle with my toys."
Robert Lewis Stevenson


See ya down the road,


spiritualastronomer said...

Just got your card in the mail today - and I caught the little Easter things before they landed on the floor. LOL. Thank you so much. I'll stay in touch. Just signed up with nablopomo to put a little more structure in my life now that I'm in one spot. Will see how it goes. Hang in there!!!!

hilly said...

Its great to have you back blogging again!! I have really missed reading them. I'm sure you will get to know more cool people in your new Temporary home. Clancy will find many new smells and have a new place for Geezerguy to walk her.

I'll be watching and reading..


Old Newsie said...

I didn't know ntil this afternoon the April topic was "Growing Up" and for me that's going to be another challenge, reaching that far back. But on the desk is a piccture of you and Geezeerguy at the front door of #12 just as the porch light flicked on and caught - - what? With a little luck and maybe help from Sage Words this weekend, all the bloggers will be applauding - MAYBE

Karen said...

heck, I had a hard time with the last Nablopomo, and was so glad when it was over. Since then I have made attempts at doing posts on one topic for a month at a time and have failed miserably at my own goals.

Growing up- to me, you are grown up when you can "own" your mistakes, apologize for them, learn from them, and not repeat them.