Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Road to YKW*is Paved with Good Intentions

*You Know Where

So All three of us got a good start on the NaBl0PoMo challenge, Then all YKW broke loose!

First we sprang a leak and the floor was soaked, the carpet was soaked, the closet was soaked, and everything on the floor of the closet was soaked. And of course, it was Saturday evening!

We turned off the water (you never realize how much water you use until you turn on the tap or flush the toilet and nothing happens!)

But we are getting very used to having to go without little things like water, heat, lights etc since living full time in a motor home on the road. We could survive until Monday.

So we began doing our blogs. Clancy did a very good one but by the time she finished and we'd had pizza I was ready to turn in. I admit that my Pizza blog lacked a little in literary value. It also lacked an attribution for the only Pizza quote I could find. But I finished it and went to bed to pretend to read while falling asleep.

Then a whole bunch of @#&^%$^&(*& began. Seems Geezerguy sat down to write his post for the day and the laptop died.

After church on Sunday, Sage Words, our family computer geek came over to see what he could do.

{ This reminds me, I was going to post some advice to young couples just starting their families-

Times have changed. While it would still be nice if a family of 4 sons were to include, a doctor a lawyer, a policeman, and a priest, Now it makes more sense to raise a Doctor, an Auto -make that RV-mechanic, a jack of all trades, and yes a computer geek. And, naturally, any or all of them could be daughters.}

Long story -short. Today we have a new hard drive. Everything I need, is in the old hard drive including my manuscript (back up woefully out of date) and said Geek and his merry band of subgeeks and gurus swear they will unlock it-"soon".

So, I had to take a couple of days off and actually go outside of my RV while they worked on the leak.

I read several chapters of my current novel.

I actually got to meet some of my neighbors.

Got plans on how to make inexpensive tie down straps for the awning from one of them.

Met Chuck Norris' brother-in-law.

Found a friendly puppy for Clancy to play with.

Received a referral to an RV salvage place to check out before we begin our remodeling project.

Quote of the day:

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

See ya down the road,



hilly said...

Thats all that happened Yarntangler!! Sheesh..

Lets get down to the important stuff- how did you find out the guy was Chuck Norris's brother in law? lol

Tell Clancy I knew she would find a new friend to play with soon.

Geezerguy said...

I still think it was all part of the conspiracy of things mechanical against unsuspecting humans. But that's just me.

spiritualastronomer said...

Didn't you and geezerguy have anything interesting going on? LOL. Seriously, I hope things are getting almost back to normal again, whatever that means in an RV.