Sunday, April 19, 2009

RVer Developes Unique Stimulus Package

Hilly sent me a link this morning to a CNN article about a Tax Man who has begun converting all of his vehicles over to vegetable oil. Now this is not a brand new idea. People have been using it for several years and refining-no pun intended- the system as they experimented. Many innovative and environmentally concious people have converted to this renewable fuel. Even Lone Duck is interested in eventually powering a motor home this way. You'll find discussions and exhibits around the country if you look for them.

But in the video I watched this morning, Josh Winston inadvertently brought up yet another idea. Please watch the video and see if you realize the same implication I did. See his video here.

Now just think about it. Josh said his exhaust smells like the food cooked in the oil. And he mentions Chinese food. At a good Chinese restaurant the choices are endless so they use a lot of oil.

So here is my idea:

A clever Workamper contracts with any small town to supply all of his meals, plus a full hookup site, and, of course, wages for all hours worked. In return, said Workamper will each day eat at a local eatery (free naturally) and then remove their waste oil.

Chicken on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday,

Shrimp on Friday, of course.

Donuts, fritters, bismarks, twists, etc. for breakfast any day.

On Tuesday and Thursday our Workamper can go to any steak house or burger joint as long as he opts for French fries with his beef.

Sunday should be a day of rest. After all our Workamper should not be working 24/7 for the kind of money we make. No, on Sunday she should relax. She should sit back and cogitate about the small part she has had in making the world a better place.

She should think about all the good she has done for the environment the past week. How, as she drove that rig up and down the roads, exploring the area and seeing the local sites she has saved enough money to buy souvenirs. She can feel good knowing how the very smell of her exhaust has stimulated the salivary glands of everyone she has passed, thus increasing business at all the Shrimp Shacks, Chicken Stops, Burger Joints, Steak Houses and Donut Shops. So she has in effect, developed the Workamper Economic Stimulus Package.

And maybe she'll even save enough to be able to afford her Lipitor!

See ya down the road,

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hilly said...

YUM! I could handle that. LD and I love to eat out. FREE food and fuel to boot, thats the way to go!