Saturday, January 30, 2010

The BEST Birthday Boy Around

Today is the Geezerguy's birthday. I won't tell you how old he is because that would be telling you how old I am. But He began receiving SSI last year and he won't be asking the Beatles famous 64 question for another year so maybe you can figure it out.

Tonight we'll party with our kids like we did so many times in the old days once we left our parents behind in New England and began the migration West. Only differenc now is that we'll have chili the eldest son Lone Duck makes, play Cranium with the the Commodore and Buttercup while sitting and spending the night at Sage and Chica's home. I'm willing to bet the phone will ring in the middle of the game and it will be Skooba and Pearla too. I'll take the camera.

Some of our friends and family have not seen Jim/Geezer for awhile and since he's the BEST model in the family I take lots of pictures of him. (Did I ever tell you he was also asked to be an aritist's model while we were in South Dakota? No? Okay, yet another blog idea.)

So with no further introduction may I present my BEST friend and first, last, and only husband ...

In 2007, Skooba and Pearla were married in Seattle. Just before the wedding ceremony, a gentleman sporting a very distinguished and neatly trimmed beard approached and asked Jim if he was a Rabbi. Jim was a bit startled and said, ", I'm not."Turned out the guy was a Rabbi, in fact a half hour later he married the kids. But not before he told Jim he looked more lthe part than he did. (the guy in the background is one of the sons, See if you can guess which one.)

The Bible says, "Blessed be the father who has many sons."Jim couldn't be happier that he is the father of many sons. He's proud of every one of them every day. But he always had a wish for a little girl of his own. I think that's why our DILS can get him to do anything they want him to do. But 4 years ago I began wishing and finally made a decision. And Jim finally gt his little girl.

Okay, This could cause some ripples. But As I said there are some of Jim's friends and family who have not seen him for quite some time. he's not the conservative, withdrawn guy in the background all the ime these days. Heck ,he's a story teller and he tells quite a story using facial expressions and body language. So here are a couple of prize shots.

The first is entitled
Don't You Dare!
The second is called.
I promised I wouldn't use that picture. I didn't say anything about this one.I couldn't have done this blog If Jim had been any of those other guys that gave me corsages years ago. So glad he's the one that turned up with the yellow roses!

Happy Birthday Honey!
always and in all ways.



spiritualastronomer said...

Jim needs to be sure to check his email today for my card. Love the pictures!

Geezerguy said...

Thanks, Kid. I can always count on you to bring out my true image...however humbling it might be.
Love you, too...

Word of the day...Luvvyuh.