Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Not Getting Older But My Kids Sure Are!

Today my #3 son Sage Words turned 38. His eldest brother Lone Duck tried to keep him a little younger by putting only 2 candles on his cake a 3 and a 7. When Chica and I pointed out the mistake he added a tea light to make it 3.7. I assume that's a joke I'm not in on.

Like most moms do on their kids birthday
s, today I was thinking of the day Sage was born. (He was actually two weeks late for his birthday) Most moms say they carry a child with the kick of a mule. My Sage kicked like a Denver Bronco! John Ralston was about to become the coach of the Denver Bronco that year and on Jan.5,1972 their number one fan was born.

He was a long scrawny fe
isty babe who apparently heard the doctor telling me that this third child had a pretty little girl's face. When the operating part of the babe was delivered, Sage paid him back before he was 30 seconds old-right in the face! I thought it was really funny since it wasn't my regular doctor and I really disliked the guy.

When we got to the hospital and they called him in, he was actually mad because he was missing his football game. He was even more upset when he discovered I was one of his partner's patients not his. All the time I was attempting to deliver Sage, he kept asking what the score was.

I think Sage was pretty put out with the
fact that DR. L, was not paying much attention and therefore he let loose with his little male fountain in retaliation. When the Doctor hollered that the little brat had just squirted him, Sage let loose with his other bit of ammunition right in the Doctor's lap!.

The nurses, who were not overly fond of Dr.L either, said that was a very rare occurrence but they all loved my baby even more because he'd scored a t
ouchdown during his first minute of life.

Well, Sage must have been exposed to enough football talk in the delivery room to effect him for life. He's a dedicated Broncos fan who won't miss a game and quotes stats(do they have stats in football or just baseball ?)with the best of them. He's even gotten Jim and I to begin watching games now. And he's managed to have it rub off enough that we gave him the Madden football Wii game this evening for a gift. It's now midnight and he's still playing.

Happy Birthday Sage, you knew I'd give you something with a logo, right?



spiritualastronomer said...

Ah, a double whammy! We were eating breakfast at Rosita’s this morning and watched one of the street venders attempting to sell some great-looking blanket/ponchos with football team colors and names. Perhaps SageWords would like a Denver one for his birthday?

Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak said...

Great story. That dr deserved both!

I like the title too. That's true in my case too. I can't believe how old they are getting!