Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off On the Road to Tomorrow

Nothing much doing today. We went and picked up LoneDuck and visited the Tucson Gem Show office to see about some temporary jobs during the two week show. Then we went and tsk tsked our way through a large well known RV parts and accessories store looking at absurdly high prices for things we never we knew needed.

LoneDuck is seriously considering taking up the full time RV lifestyle in another year. He's hoping to find a good used Class C (at a miraculously low price sometime this Spring or Summer.)

Then his plan is to move into it here in Tucson until he fills up his pickle jar. Once the jar is full he'll be Off on the Road to Morocco (Indiana) or Utopia (Ohio). He'll join the Workamper extended family and find some fun places to work. Alternatively, he may decide to become a vender. He loves blackpowder events and Ren faires.

Duckie is in the beginning stages of his journey. I know sometimes it feels like it's never going to happen. We had setbacks up to a month before we left our house. He's just beginning to realize however, that his journey has already begun. The adventure began the day he made it a goal instead of a someday dream. This planning stage is actually one of the BEST parts of his trip.

Now as he works toward his goal he must also keep remembering it is still a wonderful dream that's going to come true.

See ya down the road, Lone Duck,

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Old Newsie said...

It's a dream and a goal that can be achieved and I wish The Lone Duck - Luck