Sunday, January 3, 2010

BEST Recipe for a Sunday Evening

What an exciting day I had! We got up early this morning and were faced with the fact that we had to go dump our holding tanks THEN- not later. If you live in a motor home or other RV, you understand the emergent nature of that statement. Not the BEST way to begin a Sunday morning.

So we turned the seats around and disconnected the hookups. We stowed the flotsam and jetsam that accumulates between trips. There's a small RV park down the road that allows us to use their system every eight days or so to dispose of that which you folks in sticks and bricks houses never have to think about.

That accomplished, we drove back to our friend's property, passing the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) area where we Boondocked last Spring. There were quite a few rigs, mostly newer ones, there this afternoon but we didn't see anyone we knew. Not quite so many this year as last year either. It may be a bit early since many of the folks we met last year were actually on their way home from Mexican Winter quarters.

When we got back to Bev's we encountered a problem with the electrical hook up. She and Jim got it sorted while I began to restore the house to living mode. Then I sat down on the bed for a minute.

Five hours later, Jim woke me up. It was dark and the entire day was gone, it was dinner time. I got up and made the french toast and blueberry sausage I'd planned for this morning's brunch.

Then I got on the computer to check email and write something brilliant. To my surprise, I discovered an email from good friends we have met in two other places in the last couple of years. Bobbie and Jim are currently parked about 5 minutes and 5 miles from us right now. I called them and we'll do lunch tomorrow. They are parked on that same BLM land we checked out earlier this afternoon. Seems they got here just after that.

Jim put on 60 minutes and I sat here open mouth in indignation as I listened to Andy Rooney expound on the very subject I was about to write about. Oh well, Andy's been at it longer than I have and I suppose I shouldn't try to upstage him so I'll save my essay on the innocent dangers of childhood for another time.

Now Jim wants to watch a movie so I'm going to open one of my Christmas presents, a bottle of Bailey's Chocolate Mint (my first ever bottle of booze found under the Christmas tree). I'm a very conservative imbiber so one small dollop in a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. I'll curl up on the couch under an afghan (with Clancy burrowed under it in my lap.)
Hmm...think I'll go put on my Christmas robe too.

And that's the BEST recipe for this evening I can come up with.

See ya down the road,


Jim and Bobbie said...

Fabulous post today! You are such a good writer. People like to hear about our day to day life so you don't have to come up with something "brilliant" in order to be interesting and entertaining. See you for lunch. Bobbie

Geezerguy said...

It was just as exciting for me.

Word of the day: expression of longing or desire, as in the song: "rition you were somehow here again".

spiritualastronomer said...

Bailey’s Chocolate Mint???????? I’m jealous (but can always get it here in Baja) Try it on vanilla ice cream if you dare, at least a tiny bit, for a real treat.