Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday Got Blown Away

Monday looked like this all day. We made sure our chairs were put away and there was nothing outside that could blow away in the huge storm that was obviously on the way.

Nothing happened .

Tuesday was absolutely gorgeous! The sky was as blue as in these pictures of Tucson Mountain Park cacti. (which I had to find online because Sage has my thingy that makes the pictures in my camera end up in my computer)



Bird sitting very carefully

Tuesday night I sat down to do my blog and the clouds suddenly hid the sky from the Earth. The wind began gusting up to 40+ mph and, of course, I couldn't get a connection. Then the rains came,and came,and came and came. The desert will be alive and colorful very soon thanks to last night. So here's a blog about last night - the BEST that I can do to keep up my 31 in 31.

I was not particularly alive and colorful today. I didn't get to sleep until after 4 o"clock. Now, I actually love the sound of rain on the roof of the motor home. I don't even mind a slight rocking motion when the wind blows. Last night night was a little different however.

Clancy is terrified of wind, always has been. We suspect she had a bad experience before we rescued her. They told us she'd never been indoors. But every time the wind starts to blow she gets very nervous.

Most of the time Clancy is a real Daddy's girl but in this case he's useless. Geezer can sleep through anything so he never hears her whimper. So she cries a little but settles down as close to me as she can get. That means under the covers in bed, rolled into a ball behind my knees, on my feet, or across my stomach. If I get up she has accompany me to the bathroom and actually cries if I shut the door. Trying to sleep during a storm is futile so I read my book, Katherine Neville's The Fire until the storm finally passed.

So while the rain came down as in the biblical deluge and the wind was blowing up a tempest, Our motor home was giving it's BEST imitation of an ark. I wonder how many critters Noah had to share his bed with?

Another storm coming tomorrow!

See ya down the road,

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Geezerguy said... rained last night? Huh.

Word of the day...commor: an adjective describing the state of nervous dogs who are allowed under the covers. eg: "Clancy was scared of the wind, but after she cuddled up by my feet she was commor."