Monday, January 11, 2010

Best Use of Pink

I've never been a fan of the color PINK. As I said once before, it's probably because in the "share with my little sister" days, Scrabblebuff usually got her way (or she'd make life miserable) and her favorite color was pink. As she entered middle school and jr high everything except her school uniform seemed to be in shades of pink. Of course, by that time I'd already painted a room in three shades of lavender and put up curtains to match the chenille spread and throw rug I had dyed deep purple. (Not my BEST choice. By the end of the summer, I'd moved back into my big bedroom and Dad used that tiny purple room as his office for another 12 years!)

I notice these days there is almost nothing in Scrabblebuff's home that's pink but I do have a set of pink sheets. (They used to be white until a new red denim shirt got tangled in them in the wash.) I do not have any purple or lavender either.

Some people can make an art form out of a simple color. I think of "paintings" that were solid red with a black dot that sold for seven figure prices awile back.

As we were heading into Arizona last Winter, we spotted the craziest store I've ever seen. It's very close to the New Mexico border and we had to drive nearly half mile through construction cones, in order to find a spot to cross six lanes to go back to check it out. These people had a fondness for the color pink and they had taken it to a level that makes my sister appear color blind.

Inside the store we found an eclectic array of merchandise geared to the young woman I never was. (Think Blond and OMG and Whatever.) Some of the merchandise was actually very pretty pink but pretty pricey pink. I recommend the store if you are 22 or have daughters or grandaughters under that age. Great place to buy lovely girlie items. Now, there's a good chance you'll find something I didn't see, so have fun looking.

But the outside of the store I recommend to any traveler who wants a fun picture. Wear something that looks good with pink! Here are a few we shot. Keep in mind most of what you'll see is for sale.

Someday we'll all need one of these signs. Unless we sign up in advance for reserved parking.
A bit of garden art; clothing optional.

Yes it's removable just like his arm.

Clancy was on her leash as we walked around looking at pink Pepsi machines and gum ball holders. She wasn't sure what to make of two pink stone poodles and a cat that simply stared at her. If you look me up on Facebook and check out my avatar, you'll see an unusual fence made of bicycles. They are all staked down and painted shell pink. Sorry I can't show you here but once I sent the picture to FB it disappeared from my album.

More yard art for a big yard.

I never did find out what the rocks were as the sales girls didn't know.

Clothing is apparently
required in this yard. That's cast in stone.

It wasn't really hard to get Jim to turn the motor ho
me around and go back to the Cloverleaf. He'd spotted something and it got his cravings going.

Unfortunately, they did not sell ice cream so he had to settle for the picture. The pink cone matched the pink bikes.
Scrabblebuff actually had a suit of armor like the one above just before she got married. By then, however, she'd run out of pink paint so hers remained a lovely Mexican bronze.

Someone else's little sister, however, apparently never outgrew the addiction.

See ya down the road,


Tangled Noodle said...

I'm tickled pink by this post! 8-) Actually, my older sister still loves the color and considers it her 'signature' style; she's still got the sweet personality to match the hue.

Happy New Year!

Old Newsie said...

Need directions to the pink store. Saw a funeral no parking sign I may need in about 20 or so years. Well, maybe not, all my friends might be gone by then.

Oh yeah - Tangled Noodle, an interesting moniker. Back in NE noodle meant brain so . . . oops,enpectic better not go that route

Yarntangler said...

To get to the Cloverleaf store. Get on I 10 and go West til you get to the store. It will be on your left. Lots of Barbie type stuff there.

Tangled Noodle is a chef!!!
And what the heck is enpectic?