Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anybody Hungry?

I ate too much! We stopped at the Golden Corral for dinner and as usual there were too many choices. I tried really hard to behave. I did not over load my plate with shrimp, brussel sprouts, corn and noodles the first time down the line. Nor did I take more than a small piece of pot roast and a spoonful of mushrooms the second trip.

Nope, I was doing fine until I made the mistake of checking out the dessert
Cart. Did I say the dessert cart? There are there of them one and one is devoted to chocolate!

Golden Corral is one of the places we’ve come to enjoy since we got on the road. Cracker Barrel, which also has plenty of space in their parking lots for a motor home, is another. Every time we go there I buy a jar of fried apples or corn relish to enjoy a month or so down the road.

Jim likes the peanuts at Logan’s Roadhouse. Fresh roasted and served in a bucket on the table. You are expected to throw the shells on the floor. My boys would have loved that when they were kids!

Pannera Bread is the perfect place to go for hearty soup and sandwiches. Of course, getting out of there without a loaf of bread and a bag full of muffins takes true fortitude.

There are so many places to go that are reasonably priced and satisfying along the road. It’s also nice to know what to expect when you go in there.

On the other hand some of the best food we’ve had won’t be duplicated anywhere. We make a point to stop at small town cafes, especially for breakfast when we travel between Workamping jobs. Breakfast is an inexpensive meal to eat out and if you find a place where the workmen or farmers are all congregated you know you won’t leave still hungry.

Jim also likes to stop for a piece of pie at mid afternoon if we see just the right sort of place.

We had Jalapeno Apple Pie at the Pie Town Cafe in NW New Mexico; it was unbelievably good. Who could have expected that?

We’ll be heading out of here in December and crossing the Texas Panhandle down to South eastern New Mexico then across to Tucson. I wonder what we’ll have for lunch?

See ya down the road,


hilly said...

That all sounds so yummy!! We have Cracker Barrel and Pannera Bread here as well, although I have never been to either of them. sounds like we need to make plans for you and Geezerguy to head northeast or better yet meet up at one of those small "feederies" for b'fast!

Was the Jalapeno Apple Pie hot or spicy? I'm really curious about that one.

spiritualastronomer said...

Jalapeno Apple Pie! Yum. Two of my favorite things together in a crust. Just needs a little ice cream or a piece of cheese...

Sage Words said...

The Deep dish Apple (or peach, or cherry!) pie with ice cream at the TTT Truck Stop not far from my house is outstanding! Can't wait to share some with you!

-Sage Words