Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why all the Complaints?

Did you ever wonder?

…why there’s no turnout for 4 miles up the steep hill so you can let all those impatient cars pass you but once you crest the hill and pick up speed there’s plenty of room to pull over?

…why so many towns in areas dependent upon tourist trade provide no parking spaces for RVs?

…why when there are 12 dryers to choose from, the one you pick doesn’t dry your clothes?

…why you seem to be the only diabetic, who can’t eat sugar, at a pot luck attended by 40 seniors in the RV park?

…why there are big signs about quiet times between 10PM and 8 AM but the maintenance guy always starts the riding lawn mower at 7 AM?

… why so many RVrs head for small mom and pop parks and the small sites by the river and then complain that the trees are too close together for their slides?

… why when you are finally in a position to finish the puzzle in the RV park's club house, there’s always a piece missing?

… why after you’ve brought in an armful of good mysteries and thrillers for the book swap there are only romances left to trade?

… why when you finally have a great WIFI signal so you can check the Workamper Hot Line the biggest RV in the universe gets parked between you and the tower!

…why we let trivial things like these get to us when we are lucky enough to be living a lifestyle others only dream of or haven’t the imagination to try?

See ya down the road,


Karen said...

oooo, good ones! My complaint about potlucks is that usually no one brings meat. And if you do, everyone wants to sit at your table.

hilly said...

Sounds like cool song lyrics to me. Could make an amusingly interesting music video to..

Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak said...

Great list! I can relate to many of those, especially the dryer. And you have already put in a dollar or more before you discover it doesn't heat up.