Monday, November 10, 2008

Postcards From Clancy

My name is Clancy. I'm a rescue dog from New Mexico. This guy was putting me on a cold table when this other guy came in and said, "No, not this one." and took me away. Oh, and I'm a girl too, by the way. I was named for Big Jim's favorite aunt. I don't know what an aunt is, but that's what they tell people.

Some California type humans call me Clancy, the Gourmet Wiener Dog, simply because my parents were of different breeds. Mom was a Dachshund and Dad was a Blue Heeler. Rumor has it there may have been a terrier and even a beagle in my family tree.


As far as I'm concerned, I'm simply an All American Dog.

And I've been quiet long enough.

Mom is whining about not having an idea for her blog tonight so while she's busy staring at the clock and worrying about hitting the deadline, I'm going to finally introduce myself.

I am a full time RV dog. I've been traveling with Yarntangler and Geezerguy for about 3 1/2 years now. I really enjoy getting to see all the different places. Sometimes we stay in one place for a few months until I've got everything completely memorized. I get to know where all the good smells are and which way the squirrels are going to come from when they come out to start teasing me. Then suddenly they say, "Want to go for a ride in the house?" The next thing I know everything changes!

We get to see some pretty neat things too. The next time I get a chance to get on here I'll show you some of the postcards from my personal collection. But one thing you have to see right now is my friend Otis. I'm not exactly sure what he is. I know he's not a horse or a cow. He's not one of those stuffy pedigree dogs, that's for sure, but he was pretty cool. Didn't say much and he could spit too. I tried but I can't figure out how to do it.

Okay, looks like Mom is coming back.
I'd better go before she sees me. I'm not supposed to sit at the table. I guess I'd better go to bed. Hey do you like my bed? I made it myself one day while they were gone! I had this big old pillow thing but they made me sleep on the floor. They left that thing they put clothes and stuff in so I put my pillow in it. Ah...

See ya round the hydrant,



Geezerguy said...

Hi Clancy. Glad to hear from you...I won't tell Yarntangler about you sitting at the table, but I have to warn you: she has a way of finding things out, so be careful.

hilly said...

Clancy!!!! Its so great to see you again! I've missed you so much. I'm going to keep your adorable pictures and show them to Jim this weekend when he comes home from school. I envy you and your traveling lifestyle. Although, with a little luck (ok a lot of luck)I will be on the road with my hubby sometime in the not to distant future. I can't wait! It sounds so exciting. (I won't tell that you were on the table either) Uhoh,I guess I best leave comments on yarntangler and geezerguys blogs now since I left you one, teehee. Love you tons and miss you more. Now Jim can leave comments for all of you since I got it set up. A womans work is never done. (wink)

Sage Words said...


I logged in with my Human's account while he was out (I do this a lot and he never figures it out) and came across your blog. Your humans lived in my house for a little while a few years ago while Sage Words was away, and they were always nice to me and my niece and nephew George and Queenie), so you have a good thing going there!

I hope they give you lots of snuggles, like they did for me!

Take care and have fun on the road!

-Sage Meows (aka Gizmo)