Friday, November 28, 2008

Do You Keep a Diary?

I'm so proud of Geezerguy, Sage Words, and myself. Despite some crazy schedules, especially for my witty son, who's bosses in the USAF are not terribly sympathetic to the needs of a 30 day blog challengee, we've almost suceeded in the NaBloPoMo Challenge. Okay, so not all of our offerings have been on a par with John Steinbeck, or Douglas Adams, or Erma Bombeck, but we have done it (knock on wood). It 's made us each feel good about ourselves and has contributed a sense of order.

I can't speak for the two guys but I have gained from the experience. I've learned to put an idea down quickly(before I forget it) and meet my deadlines. I can manage the pictures - finally, and I've learned a few techie (on my level) tricks like linking and layout. Eventually, Ramblings will look and read better than it did on September 30th! The best part is discovering that several other RVers blog too. I've made some new friends on line that we may actually see down the road in a park or workplace.

Two family members Hilly and Loneduck have taken up the gauntlet and are now producing their own blogs. Rumor has it there are a couple more who have gotten as far as creating blog spots though they haven't actually published yet. Since one of them is my Dad I sure hope he gets started soon. He's got a lot of wonderful memories to fuel to a nostalgic old newspaper man’s site.

Why are we doing this? Maybe because most of us wish that we'd started a diary or journal when we were young. Dad did; he has about 50 years of his own diaries to call upon for ideas and details. And if he still can't think of anything he also has his mother's diaries too! He kept buying them for me every year when I was a girl and I’d dutifully begin on January 1st.

By January 31st, I’d probably only missed 14 days and by March 10th I’d lost it completely. I tried several times over the years to keep a journal but they never lasted. Ironically ,the only one of my younger family to keep one is Buttercup, and she doesn’t have any desire to blog!

What about you, dear reader? Do you keep a diary or a journal? Do you wish, like I do that you’d done so? Is blogging the new diary? What do you think?

See ya down the road,


Sage Words said...

I may have kept a journal or diary when I was a kid, but I can't remember for sure.

If only I'd written it down somewhere...

-Sage Words

MadMartigan said...

Hi. I have written in a diary since i was 4 years old. I am 28 now. I still have my first diary, along with about 6 others (none completely filled up), and i also have a folder stuffed with more "writings" (diary entries not officially written in a diary), poems, ideas, lyrics, doodles...etc.
I have always had a need to write. My diary is me, talking to me, with all honesty, vulnerability, and purity.
Recently, due to dramatic domestic/relationship woes, i have spent the past few weeks reading every single entry i have ever written. I smiled, laughed, cried, remeniced, remembered, cried...learned, and grew.
I was so convicted of certain ideas or feelings. Some remain. A lot change. Many. Actually, most. Having feelings is just as much a curse as it is the greatest gift.
Anyways, Overall I highly recommend keeping a diary. It doesnt have to be a hardbound overpriced barnes n noble diary. Grab a napkin from Starbucks even. Write a few sentences about anything you desire, and collect them in a folder. I always but the date (duh) and the time of my writing. oh, and never scribble or cross out anything youve written! You shouldnt have regrets or shame from past feelings.
5:12am i gotta get some sleep! Goodnight"

-natalie nelson