Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Debris Happens

What you need to understand is that Geezerguy and I do not see each other's blogs before they are posted. But if you've been married forty years, I guess you end up thinking alike more often than you realize.

We've both done blogs with similar themes before for holidays and special occasions. That's to be expected. Finding that we both chose Monday to do bad day blogs was just plain funny since it really wasn't about the same day.

We all have bad days and my Mom used to tell me to just get through them because they make the next day even better.

I normally do not make a point of talking about other people's bad days but tonight I can't help it. I have had plenty of things go awry in my life, I've missed opportunities, missed great sales, broken things, and lost things. But I have never managed to mess things up on a scale this grand.

Today a highly intelligent, meticulously trained, painstakingly careful young woman had a really bad day that was out of this world.

Heidi Stefanyshyn-Piper was trying to effect a repair outside her current place of residence. She had a lubricating tool leak all through her tool bag. I'm sure she had some choice words to say as she had to clean up the oozing goo. But she had even more to say when she dropped her $100,000 tool bag. Heidi was working outside the Space Station Endeavor.

As my step mom would say, "Some days if it wasn't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all."

See ya down the road,


Karen said...

At least she wasn't cleaning up dog poop all over the house like Lupingirl was yesterday, hahahaha.

hilly said...

I wouldn't want to be the one to explain that "oops" to the boss..

~loneduck~ said...

This is why the Gov is in debt. 100,000 bucks for a toolbag full of Million dollar tools and they forget the 3.99 cotten clothes line to tie the darn thing to her waist.
or is that waste?

Tushie said...

Hubby says that's what they get for hiring a woman to do a mans job. She gets a little grease on her and goes spastic. !$100,000 they should have used a padlock!

Sage Words said...

If they were CRAFTSMAN tools, and any part of them survives re-entry, you can take the chunks back to Sears for free replacements!

-Sage Words