Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Several people have asked me why I didn’t have a picture in my profile. Well, the truth is there are very few pictures of me that I like. While I’m not actually vain, I never like the way my hair looks, or the fact that all of my inherited chins show, or the way the camera adds not 10 but 40 lbs and all around my middle! I’m actually quite tall, and willowy in person.

(- oh alright- Scrabblebuff, maybe I’m not willowy! I look more like a well shaped Christmas tree on legs. But I‘m taller than you, and taller than Mom, and I‘m taller than everyone of my daughters-in-law! That's not bad for 5' 3 1/4".)

But I have learned a few tricks for those occasions when I can’t get out of having my picture taken. My favorite is to find some object that puts me in perspective so I don’t appear quite so…Reubenesque if you know what I mean.

For instance:

This chair is located in
Mt. View, Arkansas.Italic

Supersized animals help too.
I found this one at Natural Bridges Cavern in Texas.

A jackalope is certainly bigger than me!

If your companion catches the viewer’s eye, that works wonders.

Hanging around with monumental figures can’t help but improve things.

And when the idea is something you are proud of, you can’t go wrong.

See ya down the road,

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hilly said...

I love the pictures!!! I hate to tell ya this though, it doesn't take much to be taller than me.. I"m not even 5ft! (wink)