Friday, November 14, 2008

New Stuff

We've been having problems staying connected for the past few days during evening hours. I expect there are simply too many people trying to use the service at the same time but that does not make it any less frustrating. Normally, I do my blogging and other writing at that time but I barely got my blogs in before the midnight deadline last night. (I say blogs because it's almost a guarantee that the connection will shut down just as Big Jim, AKA Geezerguy, is about to publish his before leaving for work. So I have to wait to be reconnected to post both blogs.)

I figured I'd do mine early today. Get the laptop booted up and take care of the email and the forum I moderate. Nuts! There goes the connection. Reboot. Make another cup of tea and sit down to write. Nuts! reboot-again and again. Okay, here we go. Nuts! The battery is dead in the mouse.

Simple fix right? No. We have a shoe box full of batteries for all the various devices in the rig. They are stored conveniently, under the bed. Unfortunately, on top of the bed are both Big Jim and Clancy, both snoring away. (Big Jim works until 4:00AM and sleeps until noonish. Clancy sits up guarding the house and waiting for daddy to come home then doesn't get up until he does.)

I HATE touch pads. I am forever getting my right and left buttons mixed up and that’s not good when you are a lousy typist to begin with. And did you ever try to play Bejeweled with a touch pad?? (it just took me 9 tries to get that sentence in the proper place and fix the spelling in Bejeweled!) Mostly I keep forgetting to hit the left button when I go to correct something so I make things 20% worse with every fix!

Since I did not want to attempt to do exactly what I’m doing now, writing text with a touch pad, I decided to jazz up my blog. Everybody else has all these bells and whistles on theirs. Heck my DDIL#2, Hilly, just started a blog yesterday and hers already has more doodads on it. Mine looks like a kindergarten blog. On second thought the kindergarten crowd can probably do this better than me too! (and that gives me a whole new blog idea for one of these days).

Anyway, I’m really proud of myself. I put on a slide show, added my favorite blogs , finally figured out how to get a link to my book page,(subtle product placement) and generally upgraded everyth…uh..most of it. What’s more, there’s a guy in Arizona ,who’s going to call me in a couple of days and tell me how to actually get the titles of my older blogs listed instead of just dates.

See ya down the road,


Sage Words said...

You know someone else in Arizona?

theloneduck said...

And thats different from normal how?

hilly said...

But what would we do without computers,hmm? Love the slideshow, great job!