Monday, November 17, 2008

Some days Are Diamonds; Somedays... are... Not!

I always get a big kick out of people who think because we live in a Winnebago, we are retired and on a perpetual vacation. We worked at a show cave in California one time and lived on the property. The young high school and community college student guides thought that was really cool. But as we packed up to go to an RV rally for five days, (our first time off in almost eleven months) the young guides were astounded. “Why do you need to go on a vacation? You live on a vacation!”

I asked them what part of working 40 hours a week they considered a vacation? Ironically, if you didn’t count the “homework” demanded of an elementary teacher, I had never worked a 40 hour week in my life until everyone thought we had retired!

Granted, some of our Workamping jobs are less physically demanding than others but 40 hours is still 40 hours! Right now I am not working “outside of the home” But Big Jim is working 5 ten hour days a week. And he’s doing it on the night shift from 5PM til 3:30. He is on his feet the entire time picking packing or loading packages. Within the next couple of weeks he’ll either go to eleven hours/night or six days /week - or both. I expect to see him upright for long enough to hand him his lunch and get a kiss as he walks out the door.

So we both really appreciate his days off. Technically, there are two but for the first one he needs to sleep until noon or later. The next day, Monday, is what we get to do errands, shop or have fun.

Today was one of those have fun and do a few errands days. The plan was to get up early and go to Bartlesville, OK, about an hour away and hit a couple of thrift shops (my fun time but with a purpose as I’m working on a project and need supplies best bought in resale shops). Then we would go to a movie, (Jim’s fun time). We’d finish up by hitting the Super Wal Mart to stock up on a few items to ensure our snug as a bugness for the coming cold season. I also had about $100.00 worth of prescriptions to have refilled. Finally, we’d overeat at The Golden coral before coming home.

Last night we ran out of propane. Okay, so we’ll leave a little later. This morning, we got all set to go, called to make sure there was a certified dispenser person there at the propane place and guess what- He’ll be back about noon. So much for the morning.

By the time we got to Bartlesville, it was after 3:00 PM . We were starving, so stopped for a quick bite at MC Donald’s, No time for any thrift shops, and neither wanted to wait until after 6:00 for a movie to start. We went to Wal Mart and did not overspend for a change. As we approached the check out, my bum hip quit on me so Jim sent me to sit down while he checked out. Too late I remembered I’d placed an obvious Jim’s Stocking stuffer in the basket for him. Had the name James on it and everything. Oh well, there is another James down the road. ( and no he’s not a son!) So - do we get to go to the buffet? No, burgers and fries at 3:30 makes supper at 6:00 a non issue.

So we got the stuff in the car and came home to my Aleve and heating pad. That’s when we realized we had forgotten to go back to the pharmacy to pick up my meds!

Guess where Jim has to go tomorrow before he goes to work?

See ya down the road,



Geezerguy said...

Well, that's a coincidence. I happened to blog about a similar day tonight.
You got to have a little coal to get a diamond, I guess.

hilly said...

The best thing about the whole day, you were able to spend it together....

Karen said...

i hate it when one thing happens then another and then another. it feels like I spinning my wheels and accomplishing nothing.

Sage Words said...

Five years ago, your day would have gone a lot differently. Geezerguy would have worked even longer hours at a job he hated, you would have had $300 worth of meds to forget at the pharmacy, you would not have had Clancy to wag at you when you got home, and your four offspring would have spent at least part of every day worrying about both of you.

Now when you describe your bad days, you sound like the whole thing is still fun, even when it's not! Your young'uns don't worry about you as much (at least not in the same way!) and despite the non-traditional nature of your daily lives, you both seem to be in better health than you had been for the five years leading up to the start of your adventure!

I love that you are doing so well, and that you both can smile at the bad days and recognize that you're still where you want to be, even when it's a drag!

-Sage Words