Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life After NaBloPoMo

Participating in the NaBloPoMo challenge has been lots of fun and Geezerguy and I congratulate everyone who succeeded in the task. Maybe one of us will even win one of the prizes. Truthfully, I think the prize has already come my way in the form of new friends who have been commenting and emailing me about what I’ve written. I hope we can stay connected.

I also hope that Sage Words, who did such a great job of posting up until the eve of closure, can come up with an excuse that will make him win the World’s Biggest Loser Prize!

Big Jim and I debated joining in the December blog roll but since we’ll be traveling during part of the month there’s a good chance we wouldn’t be able to post on some days after Christmas.…we know-certain geeks among us have the capability of literally phoning it in. We don’t.

But here’s what we came up with. It’s timely, creative, and sort of self serving. Geezerguy is about to begin studies in the field of Kringledom. He is hoping to join the ranks of bearded gentlemen who enchant children everywhere. Yarntangler will go along as The Missus.

We are hoping to eventually ease this endeavor into a slightly different format and take the Christmas message to children as an old world St. Nicholas or Father Christmas character. As we prepare for this new adventure next winter, we are looking for holiday stories these seasoned storytellers can use. It would be wonderful to be able to adapt tales of Christmas as remembered by our friends and family into our repertoire.

So we are issuing a request to those whose blogs we have been following and those who have been our handful of faithful readers to tell us your Christmas stories. Do this on your blog or simply email us if you aren’t a blogger. Please give us permission to use or adapt your tale for kids we see down the road. Naturally, we’ll give you the credit whenever we tell it.

Oh! Talk about getting into the spirit! As I sit here trying to decide how to end this experience on a happy note and lead into December, I just looked out the window. It’s starting to snow! The picture on the right is not of us. So far in our 4 1/2 years of fulltiming we've never had quite that much snow, but then we've never been in a Kansas snowstorm either. We'll talk about snow, and shovels, and winter and hot cider and Christmas memories as we get into December. I hope you'll stay with me.

Onward to Christmas!!!

See ya down the road,


spiritualastronomer said...

I didn't realize it was so much colder a few blocks away from me! Where'd you get all that snow?

hilly said...

Sounds like you and Geezerguy are really starting to get into the christmas spirit. You'll make a wonderful Mrs. St Nick.

As one of your trusty followers, I'm looking forward to your christmas tales, old and new.


Anonymous said...

Well all my best christmas stories you were there for (and can probably tell them better) so let's just say feel free to use any you can remember.
Do me a favor and tell the lone duck to change his settings to accept anonymous comments.
Love you,

Geezerguy said...

Well, I think we had almost that much snow in California that one day...anyway, I'll go along with the December thing, modified somewhat in line with my final blog.

Karen said...

I am really glad that NaBloPoMo is finally over. I like a challenge, but it was hard to keep it up every day.

hilly said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Awesome blogging..