Monday, November 3, 2008

Meet the Family

Son#1, Lone Duck, holding a spot for Mrs. Cumberland#3, Hillykitty, (she's in the flowers!)
Son#4, Bridegroom, Skooba, holding Mrs. Cumberland #5, Bridey; (Okay, I won't call you that again!)
Mrs.Cumberland#4, Buttercup, being held by Son#2, Jugglesorcerer; (can you believe they are Grandparents?!)
Son#3, Sage Words holding his little Chica , Mrs. Cumberland #2; (he danced with her little standin all evening!)
Mrs. Cumberland #1, Yarntangler being held by The Patriarch of the Family, Big Jim aka Geezerguy

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Above please find 10,000 words.

On May 11th our baby got married! It was such a joyous occasion for that reason alone, but also because it was his 30th birthday. We always knew he was smart but imagine finding the perfect way to never forget your wedding anniversary! What a gift he gave himself and us too.
It was also Mother's Day, so the clever boy found a way to take his mom, her mom, and his new Grandmom all out to a great dinner with friends.

To add to our joy, it was the first time Big Jim and I had been together with all four of our sons in eleven years! During that time the family dynamics had changed a few times but there we were, on that Sunday afternoon, with 8 of 10 Cumberlands. We posed for this group shot and made sure to include the two missing members (look for the flowers and the doll). So here we are. Meet the family!

See ya down the road,

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