Sunday, November 16, 2008

One is Silver,the Other Gold

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
and the other gold.
(one of the first songs a Brownie Scout learns to sing at ceremonies)

One of the best things about our life in the slow lane, is that while we travel around the country we make so many new friends. RVers come and go from each others lives very quickly. We meet them by the pool, or by the dump station, or more often in the laundromat and chat. Its not necessary for us to learn everything there is to know about these fellow vagabonds. All we ask is, "So where are you from?"or " Where are you headed." or ""Have you been to (insert any national landmark )yet?"

Then follows an invitation to sit and chat or share a beverage. Maybe we'll go out to lunch together or maybe not. We tell each other at least three times "Sorry, I'm terrible with names." We exchange cards with our email addresses or blogs on them and if we are smart we scribble notes like, "Met at 1880 Town- talked about pancakes." on the back, so we have some idea later who these people are.

And then within hours or occasionally a couple of days we wish each other "safe travels" and we go our separate ways. Within moments of driving off, one spouse in each RV will turn to the other and say what was his/her name?

Usually, we'll never see or hear from them again until one day when we pull off to take a picture and see another couple doing the same . We'll smile and then all of a sudden "Hey! aren't you the folks we met in South Dakota?" If we are even more lucky we stop and Workamp with some of these good folks for a few months and we get to share even more adventures with them.

We've met some great new friends that way and everyone of them is Silver. There's Brenda, and Connie, and Terry, Miss Terry and Nick, Jaimie and George, Letha and Jerry, And Jerry and Peggy, and Chris, and Bobbie and soooo many Jims and Bobs, and Jake and Dotty, John and Judy, and Kanda and a whole bunch of Lindas. The list is endless.

I'm so thrilled to have made so many friends but let this post be a wave to some others friends that we have carried in our hearts for most of our lives even if we haven't seen them in deacdes. I keep hoping that someday we'll pull into a park and end up next to some of the golden ones too.

Sue Winerip, Gail Hughes, Rita Evon, Patty Patton, Donna Goetz, Beanie Bean, Ray Bass, Bob Cooper, Bob and Tom Lefebvre, Peggy Roy, Marybeth Gradziel, Bruce Dumachel... Again the list is endless but I'm willing to bet at least a few of them are out there on the back road, just around the bend.

See ya down the road,


Anonymous said...

Loneduck and I are hoping for something similar when we get on the road together.

Karen said...

One is silver, the other gold...I love that song. I wish I could get a hold of some of my gold friends, but they don't seem to have email addresses.