Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I wonder how many people are blogging about Blogger today? For the past few days, everyone I know has been encountering weird glitches, colors changing, fonts and formats with apparent minds of their own, and publishing snafus. Interestingly enough, everyone of of the blogs I was waiting for last night failed to arrive. Yet when I switched on this morning, amazingly they had all posted exactly three hours ago. I think those working on the NaBloPoMo challenge can simply consider it a glitch since we all posted before midnight.

Oh well, I'm not complaining, actually. I've gained so much since I began blogging and since several of my family members and friends chose to do it also. We've all been able to share stories and relate funny occurrences that we would have forgotten to mention in a usual phone call or letter awhile back. It's been sweet to be able to keep up to date with some of those friends we might not have heard from otherwise.

I've been thinking about what it has done for Geezerguy and me and even my father, Old Newsie. All of us have been more focused. We find ourselves remembering wonderful things that happened long ago. I'm reading things about my Dad and his family that I'd never heard before and hope he'll write more about my beloved Granddad.

I'm also hoping Geezer will start talking about some of the things that he did as a boy when I didn't know him or his family. He had some pretty sweet parents and still has a brother out there. My brother, Denis has recently gotten into the act and I expect great things from him once he gets his groove on. I truly think, all kidding aside Dad, that blogging has helped to keep us sharp.

There's also an added bonus when you get your older parents involved. You don't have to call everyday to make sure they are okay, which is sometimes annoying to them. You often know how they are feeling by the tone of their blogs and the stories they tell. Of course, you'll call them anyway but how many times have they told you they wished you would write to them more so they'd remember what you told them. It works both ways.

My Mom was a champion letter writer. The kids and I checked the mail everyday for her long letters that often came a couple of times a week. Full of news and sweet stories about the birds or chipmunks in her yard, they were often bedtime stories for the boys. She could fill pages with what she was going to get canned that week along with the recipes.

Oh how Mom would have loved Blogging!

Seniors have so much to say that we would love to hear. If your folks have a computer, help them start a blog. They will thank you for the outlet where they can tell all those stories you groaned about when you were a kid. You know, the ones you hoped they (or you) would never recall about that time when you(fill in the blank) _____
Your children will gain so much from what Grampa and Grandma have to say even if some of it turns into ammunition to use against you! And the Grands will love getting comments from the kids.

(Thanks to Crispy Gypsy for this picture.)

See ya down the road,


spiritualastronomer said...

Glad I'm not the only one having posting problems yesterday.

I love your dad's blog and wish my mother (1) lived close enough so I could perhaps attempt to help her start a blog and (2) could remember from minute to minute simple instructions. She has a real problem with the computer, so I'm not sure a blog would be the best. She loves to write, however.

Tangled Noodle said...

My husband and I are trying to convince his dad to start his own blog, especially since his hobby is woodworking and he has so many wonderful pieces he could show. My mother, on the other hand, is quite content with e-mail; she's in the Philippines and her e-mail missives are long and so much fun to read. It really is a wonderful way to keep in touch from such a distance!