Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crazy Eights

If you saw yesterday’s post you will remember I said Cyndi inspired today’s blog with a meme challenge in her blog For Love of Sleep.

“Sweet!” I innocently remarked to myself, “I’ll just do my first meme. How easy can it get?”
This disproves the oft stated adage that "There are no stupid questions."

Cyndi’s 8 Things Meme

Eight Things I Look Forward to.

1. Going to see Star Trek with Geezer, Sage Words and Chica this Friday.

2. Getting my eyes treated this summer so I can use normal sized fonts again.

3. The Aerobics at the community pool to lose some of my voluptuousness.

4. Having a yard sale at my son’s house to unload a ton of stuff from my RV.

5. Santa School with Geezerguy this fall and taking on yet another role.

6. Talking to all my Sweet boys this weekend.

7. 8 year old Katie’s daily visit to Clancy to bring her a treat tomorrow.

8. Middle age. They say it’s always 15 years older than you are -right?

Eight Things I Wish I Could do

1. Get my novel finished.

2. Back up my writing so I won’t lose it when the hard drive goes - again.

3. Find a Workamping job at a living history museum or on a beach.

4. Go for a hot air balloon flight at dawn.

5. Loose 26.1 lbs the total weight of my babies at birth, then 20 more.

6. Sing Sweetly on key -any key- like I used to, especially at church.

7. Get Geezerguy to enjoy board games even when it’s just the two of us.

8. Win a little lottery; just enough to get the family together for a reunion.

Eight Things I Did Yesterday

1. Heard they retrieved everything from my crashed hard drive- SWEET!

2. Sorted out a huge pile of books for the yard sale and

3. Drank about half a gallon of Constant Comment iced tea-no Sweetener!

4. Ate celery instead of Cheesits for my night snack.- 4th day in a row!

5. Rolled a ball of yellow Plarn from recycled grocery bags for Katie’s hat.

6. Wore my nobody-can-see-me-in here shorts to beat the heat.

7. Put summer shams on my couch pillows.

8. Wrote a blog that brought new people to my site.

Eight Shows I Watch

1. Dancing With the Stars….. (Geezer says he hates it but watches it too)

2. American Idol… Adam won on the first week, but Danny is so Sweet!

3.CSI NY ………….I’ll watch Gary Sinese any day. Even in commercials!

4. Medium… They have normal people problems-imagine that!

5. If Walls Could Talk… it inspired my next pre-teen novel.

6. PBS Pledge Concerts …that used to be 2x/year now it’s every concert

7. Ellen………………….She’s funny and has a good heart.

8. Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy…..…I’m 60+ I think it’s a law or something.

(This month’s NaBloPoMo 31 day challenge is to make every blog post Sweet. In case this isn’t Sweet enough, I’m adding one more list to Cyndi’s Meme.)

Eight Things I’ve Seen Lately That Are Really Sweet

1. A Young man rushing down a sidewalk to help an elderly lady into a car.

2. A busy young woman listening patiently to a stranger ramble on and on.

3. My Sweet husband hooking up our spare propane tank to an old man’s camper on a cold night.

4.Emails and comments on forums inquiring how my sister is doing.-fine.

6. Clancy teaching a puppy how to play with her treat ball and letting the pup get the treats.

7. Cute kids in the blogs I visited; even 4 brothers named for Super Heroes.

8. A whole stream of people shaking the left hand of the priest who just had rotator cuff surgery.

Okay now memes are supposed to be targeted at several people to pick up on their blogs. So this one is sent with a wink to....................................................

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See ya down the road,


Geezerguy said...

What the heck is a "meme"?

spiritualastronomer said...

Done. And, don't feel bad. Even I haven't done the book meme yet.

Anonymous said...

Ok after finally having the time to read your last two blogs, I now know what to do. I'll get LD going on it now as well.

Cyndi said...

Great job on your first meme!