Saturday, May 23, 2009

...Me and My Big Mouth

Okay, everyone who actually read my blog yesterday raise your hand. 1,2,3,...17...37...79...814... Okay, maybe I counted a few of you more than once.

Well, in any case, if you did read it, you'll remember my saying that things appeared to be going better this year and that we were off for the weekend to visit Dad. I was very proud of how well I packed the Jeep, none of us was crowded. Clancy was sweetly sitting like a queen in the back section where I had placed her serape and sheepskin body pillow ( yard sale finds) on top of the suitcases. She could see out very well while still being close enough to be petted by her beloved Sage and Chica.

We started out by having a bite to eat at our favorite truck stop here in Tucson Triple TTT (exit 268). Sinfully delicious and excruciatingly sweet, deep dish apple, cherry or peach pie. By eating then, we could take advantage of the cooler evening and night temperatures and by switching off drivers, get to Dad's house, in Eastern New Mexico, a little after midnight. Leaving the restaurant I sat in the front with Geezer while Sage and Chica shared the back seat. I don't travel well in the back but I promised Sage that once it began to get dark so I couldn't see the blurry images out the window I'd trade places and be able to take a nap in the back.

Happily we chatted for about 45 minutes until we got just beyond Benson, AZ, which is roughly 40 miles from Sage's house. Geezer pulled into a rest area and Sage and I climbed out of the car to trade seats. That's when we discovered the smoke!

A call to a well known Emergency Roadside assistance provider and soon we were being towed back to Benson. Of course, by the time we got there it was after nine o'clock. The garage owner graciously gave us a ride to a motel and we spent the night there. After breakfast at Denny's this morning, we got word that we had leaks in the transmission fluid lines between the radiator and the transmission . Fluid had coated just about everything below and that was what was burning and dripping quite freely. Unfortunately they didn't have the part and it's a holiday weekend. So he cut the line at the leak and clamped it so we could drive back to Tucson. We'll get it permanently fixed this week.

The four of us, plus Clancy, were disappointed and I hated having to tell Old Newsie we weren't coming as we've all looked forward to this trip for some time. We'll try again after I have my surgery.

Arriving home, we decided to make the best of it and headed to the municipal pool. We've really wanted to go there for a couple of months.

Uh... it was closed and will be tomorrow and Monday. It will reopen on Tuesday when Geezerguy and Sage go back to work!

As we made alternate plans to go to the Swap Meet tonight, Chica received a call from a friend. She had been hospitalized in San Antonio after being injured in a bad accident. She was placed in an induced coma, for nearly a month. Her face has been badly disfigured and she is feeling very poorly and depressed now that she is back at home She can only eat pureed foods while she heals. This phone call was the first Chica and Sage had heard about the accident. Her husband had been with her most of the time. They needed a friend.

So Sage and Chica picked up some ice cream to take over to see their friends.

We had planned to go to New Mexico and when the Jeep broke down I wanted to know why. Obviously, God needed us to return to Tucson so the kids could reach out their hands in a sweet gesture of friendship to someone in need.

Please keep this young woman in your prayers she has a long road ahead of her.

See ya down the road,
(probably at a repair shop)


Old Newsie said...

BIG MOUTH ? - wELL IT WAS TIME TO BE POSITIVE AND FORGET WHAT HAS GONE BY BUT THEN CONSIDER THE SECOND THING - ABOUT LETTING THE jEEP KNOW YOU WERE IN A HURRY. And I like the letters below that I have to type in - hydri - just what you wre in Texas Canyon, HIGH N DRY

Old Newsie said...

SMOKE ? Do you carry a fire extinguisher ( special for vehicles) in your car? Yes? - Fine.
No ? It's obvious what I would say next.


Old Newsie said...

Sorry to hear about the lady in the San Antonio accident. We'll add her to the prayer chain. Give me INITIALS so I can post in Nova Scotia. Is this by any chance the lady who has been in the news recently who is getting a re-constructed face?

hilly said...

We're sorry you didn't get to Old Newsie's to visit and we will definately keep Sage and Chica's friend in our prayers.

Things can only get so bad then they have to start getting better, thats all there is to it!!

Geezerguy said...

I guess there's a bright side to everything. We'll try again soon.