Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Sweetest News of All

Dad's going to be fitted with a pacemaker tomorrow.

I have always referred to myself as a techno-peasant, a phrase I first read years ago in The Adventures of Stout Mama by Sybil James. (a book I recommend hunting for especially to Chris and Donna and Peggy and Lori but not because anyone of them fit the description). While I'm enthralled by what can be done these days, I learn about technology eventually but it takes a lot of show mes.

Dad, on the other hand, isn't that far along. He's not much of an electronic gadget type guy. For instance,he has a nice collection of DVDs. There's usually a marathon of movie watching when company comes so someone can get it turned on for him.

Although he loves his computer, and email, and Internet searching for obscure facts, he manages to have more things go wrong with his computer than anyone I know. Luckily, he has an Army (and Air Force) of usually patient children and grandchildren, wives of grandchildren, and step kids and their spouses to come to his rescue.

Tomorrow, however, he'll be one up on all of us. After he receives his pacemaker at the Lubbock(TX) Heart Hospital, he'll have something none of the rest of us have. He's going to love knowing about something techie that we don't! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Thanks for all the messages and prayers. I hope you'll continue to keep an eye on his blog and welcome him back in a few days. There probably won't be one until he's home and recovering. He'll get a big kick out of it. He is always amazed when someone other than family members leaves him a comment.

For right now though, he's going to be okay and that's the sweetest thing I can think of to say today to complete this month's theme.

See ya down the road,


Theresa Bates said...

So thankful for you and your family! It seems like I was just getting to know you and then - there was no post. I knew something was up!

Geezerguy said...

Great news for all of us. Looking forward to having him back.